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May 16 2009

Welcome to the All-New, All-Different Dollhouse? io9 pieces together quotes from several different sources to theorize about likely changes when the show returns.

Thanks, interesting link. I would hoping it would address the whole issue of Tudyk and Acker having signed with other shows. Oh, well, guess we'll find out soon enough if they'll be back for S2.
You know, something these articles of good news don't mention is how one hell of a business man the Joss-sir is.

Truly, the odds were against him, others were pulled that "scored higher", and yet we're still here, with thirteen episodes promised. One hell of a gifted man!
I just rambled in my blog about what I want to see in season two. I was hoping for a continuation of season one. Without having seen Epitaph One, I'm now very concerned about where Dollhouse is going. I'm on board with what I've seen thus far. I understand most people aren't. It's ratings are low and many who are watching it now are iffy on the details. Like it was bad to start but got better, or it's been rocky.

I didn't like Stage Fright. At all. ...okay wait. Dichen was adorable as the little fangirl. My favorite personality of hers all season was in Stage Fright. Aside from Dichen I can't think of a single thing about that episode that's worthy. There's bits and pieces here and there I can nitpick especially in the early episodes, but aside from Stage Fright, I've pretty much liked the whole series thus far.

So whatever they're gonna change I might be on board with, or it might just satisfy the rest of the universe and skyrocket Dollhouse into permanent success but leave me in the dust.

The fact we may not see Miracle Laurie next season bugs me. Mellie/November has been an amazing jewel in Joss' crown. This is NOT an easy role to play convincingly. She's been letter perfect on conveying what's necessary to get the story moving. The camera loves her. She's a rare and unique look for television. I'd hate to see her not stick around.
Appreciate the clever use of "are you ready for your treatment?" at the end...very appropriate.
I really liked in stage fright

In fact everything but the main storyline was great in that episode. It actually made me excited for future episodes more so than alot of the other early eps.

edit: added "early"

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Entertainment Weekly has an article on the renewal that comments on the fanbase element -- and, while I've yet to see "Better Off Ted," the other show discussed in the article, there is a video clip of it in the article that was funny and oddly thematically appropriate/in kinship with Dollhouse. Enjoy your new personalities!

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Remember BtVS season two? Oh gosh, no telling where Joss will take us next. My seatbelt is secured and I'm ready for this ride.
I just hope Joss gets more control in exchange for a lower budget. That way, he gets the show he wants to make. I really wonder how losing Alan and Amy to the show will affect the future. Like, for example, will they have to get someone new to play Dr. Saunders (and if you saw "Omega", you know it's not out of the question).
I was terribly excited when I heard that Alan Tudyk was going to be on Dollhouse, but I had to quickly remind myself that as the character he was cast in, it didn't sound like he would be on a lot of episodes. I never expected him to be a regular. (I'm just happy that he didn't get killed. Again.) He also said in a recent interview (although I can't find it right now!) that he would probably be able to be freed up if he were needed for Dollhouse again.

ETA: Here's the interview.

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And Amy's character was only a guest star in the first season... sure she made every scene she was in memorable, but she wasn't actualy in that many, so she may be able to continue as a guest star (dpending on her new schedule)
I hope Amy Acker's sticking around. Saunder's exchange with Topher in "Omega" is one of my favorite scenes so far. I want to know why he made her hate him.
If "Epitaph One" becomes part of the show's continuity -- possibly the S2 pilot -- I wonder if Felicia's role will continue into S2?

(Unless Joss kills her again. But that would just be rude!)
And then he can work Vi's death into Buffy Season 8 -- Felicia can go for the Woodward Trifecta on dying in the Whedonverse!
Oh, I hope he doesn't kill Felicia again.
I wouldn't worry about the direction of the show. I doubt Joss would pitch a storyline he doesn't believe in. I trust his talent and artistic integrity; I think he's earned that by now. I think a dramatic shift in direction could be freaking awesome. We shall see. Bottom line: In Joss I trust. The end.
A way to make the show cheaper would be to make it even more about the internal workings of the Dollhouse. The narrative of the series should only follow an Active when something goes wrong, and that shouldn't happen so often.

This is the problem that Star Trek Next Generation had with the Holodeck. They're on a state of the art, top of the line space ship with the best and most expensive and perfect equipment possible. The Federation has centuries of history and the best minds working for it. The idea that this tech could fall apart and behave as erratic as a fifty year old Chevy? Not remotely believable.

We should be given the indication that Dolls come and go all the time, and we'd see them leave and come, but we wouldn't often see them actually out on the field, unless of course it directly affects the ongoing storyline of what's happening INSIDE the Dollhouse. The political intrigue, social complexities, corporate hierarchy, etc. The show should be about how DeWitt keeps the place from crumbling, not about whether or not Echo makes a good housemaid or investigator or midwife. Tho I like those stories too, they cost more and when this series is at its strongest, its when it focuses on what Dollhouse IS, not what it DOES.
ZachsMind I like your suggestion and it could definitely work.

Also, Whiskey/Saunders should never leave and Amy Acker should star in her own show... Is it wrong that I want everything?
I would think that episodes following the Dolls on engagements need not be expensive as long as they take place mostly indoors, and can be shot on sound stages using standing sets. Do TV studios like Fox have standing sets for apartment interiors, offices, police stations, small shops, etc., or is that only a movie studio thing?

Dollhouse is not the West Wing. Although I think the first five episodes went too far in the other direction, not seeing the Dolls on the job would make it harder for new viewers to understand the premise of the show, and would sacrifice some color and variety. My wish would be to have assignments that actually make sense as something you would hire a Doll for and fewer that are mostly excuses for chase scenes and sexy outfits.

Ideally, I would like Joss to have the freedom to write the show in any direction he wants to take it, without either tight budgetary constraints or pressure from the studio to make it more like other shows. Of the two kinds of pressure, I'll take the tight budget and it appears Joss feels the same way.
There's another side of that card, ZachsMind. It's called faith and belief.
I've heard that sometimes Fox productions will use each other's sets so that might be affordable albeit maybe problematic assuming certain sets are popular (Like I doubt Dollhouse would be able to kick out American Idol when it needed a stage) or too recognizably associated with their series.

I am pretty interested about this though, since I remember hearing that Angel filmed Cordy's fake sitcom on an actual sitcom set but of a program I don't think was actually affiliated with either the WB or Fox?

I just sort of considered this, but would hiring bit actors be cheaper or using contractually obligated regulars? I could see an experimental episode finding some excuse to just turn the actives/dolls/sleepies into a repertory cast and they're imprinted with multiple different personalities/roles throughout a single episode without having to hire guest stars.
I have faith in Joss's ability to continue to deliver a mind-blowing show on a reduced budget.

You hear a lot about cable shows having lower budgets than network shows, yet cable delivers a number of shows with such classy looks, you's never know it (Leverage, Mad Men). I'm talking about basic cable, I'm thinking the premium nets, like HBO, have bigger budgets.

And how the hell did they manage the movie theater worthy look and special effects of BSG, if budget is such an issue?

I'm with electricspacegirt, In Joss I trust. ;)
It's gonna be a bumby ride. That's for sure. Tim Minear's facebook status is "(Tim Minear) is looking forward to dusting off the dolls." hehe. It's gonna be great. I really, really hope that Victor can come back. I liked him alot.
I think we're all thinking the same thing for the new direction: a Dollhouse/Bones crossover. Come on, Booth and Brennan follow up on Ballard's work, discover the Dollhouse. Makes perfect sense, right?
A Bones/Fringe/Lie To Me/House/Dollhouse crossover would be fun.
I have every faith that a reduced budget will do nothing but tighten the creative discipline and inspire the Dollhouse team to do even better work. Happy, happy day.
I'm not worried by the tighter budget, or the potential shifts in focus. For me, what we've seen of Dollhouse so far hasn't always been my favourite Joss project, but I've definitely thought it had great potential and certainly some of the episodes we've seen have been absolutely, mind-blowingly amazing. Joss and co have really met all my expectations and driven away all my doubts. I think it will just get better and better, and I can't wait for more!

Saying that, I think I'm most concerned about retaining Miracle Laurie. I'd love it if Adelle thought she was a security threat and brought her back into the Dollhouse to be Dr Saunders (assuming we can't have Amy back). It would be interesting to see if Topher would make a non-Whisky Dr Saunders hate him, too. And I'd love to see Ballard continue to struggle with his feelings towards both Mellie and Echo/Caroline.
What if Madeline is yet another imprint and the Dollhouse is not done with November yet? Could have been a ruse to trick Ballard out of his deal? Dude this show is tricky. Want. More. Now.
Ooh, I love that idea! All I know is that I want more Miracle Laurie - I may have a tiny little girl crush.
Amy Acker is the best thing in it. Her and Topher are by far the most interesting. Lose the dolls though.
And re-set it on board a space ship.
A Bones/Fringe/Lie To Me/House/Dollhouse crossover would be fun.

I was actually really impressed by Craft & Fain's first script for "Lie to Me" (episode 12). It is amazing how much dialog and twistedness improves once you let Mutant Enemy write a script. While I enjoyed watching LTM before as a mere fun entertainment/distraction thing, that episode really got under my skin. Of course, with Dollhouse renewed they will probably not return to the LTM writer's room for season 2.
Hey have there been any posts by TVBTN admitting how totally wrong they were about DH not getting renewed, and about how online and DVD sales are irrelevant, etc?
I think they're more surprised than anything about the renewal, as are a lot of other people given the recent ratings. You can read some of their comments here on this page.
Ooh, I love that idea! All I know is that I want more Miracle Laurie - I may have a tiny little girl crush.

I have a HUGE girlcrush on her, but I crush on half the people in this show, maybe more.

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