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May 16 2009

Bones gets a fifth (and a sixth) season. David Boreanaz will be back for the 2009-10 season and beyond.

this is the best week ever
Congrats David!
It's like the golden touch of Whedon this week. Just need to wait and see if Adam Baldwin's Chuck is brought back now.
no great surprise, but a pleasant little bit of info, especially after one of the best season finales (and actually since s2 one of the best seasons) of the show to date. without spoilers, there's a ton of room now available for the characters to develop, especially david, more than i thought they would for what's been one of my favorite procedurals.
Yeah, kefka, they're definitely in a place to re-discover our favorite characters. I can't wait!
Not a surprise, but good news indeed.
More than welcome renewal, that is.
So the finale didn't anger anyone else?

Really? The TV cliche?

Because we can't possibly have our two main characters together, because that would ruin everything. So rather than gutsily explore that, we'll do this other thing, thus keeping them apart still.

*bangs head against wall*
Ausiello just reported that Fox have actually renewed it for five AND six. (Spoiler for the finale in the link if you haven't seen it yet.)

I loved the finale (but thought I was the only one!) but not the last scene. That part, I agree with pat32082, I hated. But the rest was so very entertaining!

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And FOX for the win (this week!)

I wasn't a huge fan of the 'Bones' finale- it was a bit cliched and clunky for my liking. (Though I was VERY happy to see Eric Milligan and Brendan Fehr again.) However, I'm excited by Booth's changed circumstances as it will add so much drama to next season.

But I must say, I stopped to count and realized (if Ausiello is right) I have followed/am following David Boreanaz through 14 seasons of television. Where DOES the time go?
Funny, I hated the finale, but loved the last scene.

Bones is not my favorite show ever, but it's something I enjoy watching every week, so glad to know I can expect 2 more seasons!
Now, if only Fox would renew Angel, it would be a grand slam weekend. . .
I'm so happy Bones has been renewed for TWO seasons. Yah! What a wonderful 40th birthday present for David Boreanaz. I love this show, and this news has made my day.

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The finale didn't do it for me either but it left a good outlook for next season.
I'm not as happy about it as I thought I'd be. Most eps. this season have been lame. The finale was the worst. I could tell it was a dream early on, but it just didn't feel right at all. Zack was the only likable thing about it to me...and just because I miss him. "Restless" was SO much better. I am not a fan of the "new direction" for Booth. I guess I've seen WAY too many soap operas in my lifetime but it made me roll my eyes. I 'll watch the premiere but if he doesn't get "better" by the end of that ep. I'm skipping them all until I read that its' back to normal.
Congrats DB.. it really has been a great wk for Whedonverse actors hasn't it. It's a pity Summer Glau probably won't get to share in the fun :(
Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES! I can't wait for new Bones! :D
I am Glad it is renewed but I was not a fan of the Finale..
First I think the episode would have worked better as a midseason ep.. Not a finale..
I think it would get boring fast if they put them together.. But it was such a cheat to the fans who wanted the leads together.. After they made such a big deal ahead of time about it.. And said it was for real!! And the ending! How cliche!!
Better change real fast next season..
I'm surprised negotiations took this long. Bones has been doing great on Thursdays. Anyway, good to know that it's been officially renewed.
A two-season order is excellent. Yay for job security and the hope that James Marsters will guest on Bones.
Simon, I would rather see James in a show of his own. That would be great. Imagine seeing him in a new episode every week. :)
This turned out to be the weekend of good news. Great!
James would be awesome on Bones. The fandom would go crazy seeing David and him together again.
I'm happy that Bones is renewed, and I'm particularly happy for David. Two seasons is pretty amazing!

Although I do agree with some of the others here that the quality of the show hasn't been great recently. I really enjoyed seasons 1 and 2, no matter how ludicrous they were from an archaeological point of view, but now the show is so far removed from any anthropological slant, the characters are so cartoony, and the plots are so soapy that it's hard to even think of it as a guilty pleasure most weeks. I'll still keep watching until the end, though - I'm a glutton for punishment!

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Congrats David!

I'd love to see James on Bones!

I did like the finale, but it left me feeling a bit hollow. I thought it was well written and loved the humour and references to things from previous seasons. But I agree the thing is cliched. The last scene was heartbreaking though - I wanted to hug Booth, despite leaving me anxious as to where this goes next season.

I think the dissapointment at the end could be blamed largely on how much the was hyped up. I figured from the spoilers that it would be AU, so I wasn't as crushed as others. However, there are signs that HH has been very sneaky - look at the time change on the clocks in the beginning, then we get the white flash....

Bones has always been more about the characters but this season's writing has been sloppy (maybe because of a few new writers) and I prefer s1-3 where character development came about as a result of the cases and we had serious cases where sympathy was shown for the victims and families. we did get some good episodes this season - Con Man, Mayhem, Girl in the Mask (which felt so much like season 1 and we got to see aggressive Booth again - how I've missed that side of him!).

Hopefully the writers will get their asses in gear next season, yet I'm staying with Bones till the end. Can't help it: I need my weekly dose of DB!

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I don't understand the time change thing. She comes home at 4:47, they get busy for awhile, time passes, the clock is an hour later. So, what did I miss? Besides, the narration (her book? Essay?) starts when the episode starts.
Woohoo! Two more seasons!
Redeem, she comes homes at 4:47, but when they wake up the clock says 05:43. I thought it was just an error because she did say she left The Lab at 4am, but then some people suggested that it was done on purpose...suggesting that there is more to it. Maybe it was real?Timelapse? Glimpse into the future?

Also, HH has refused to answer all questions concerning the clocks on his Twitter. Methinks that man is up to something very tricksy!

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I think that finale would make a great series if Bones was not already around, but hated the last scene..made me cry. I would love to see James in a series of his own..Spike anyone, but think it would be great to see the James/David chemistry again, they are so good together. Come on find a place in the lab for James, he can be so funny.
Maybe it was real?Timelapse? Glimpse into the future?

It's revealed in the last scene that T.J. Thyne's voiceovers are Brennan's (terrible) writing, so I wasn't sure if the alternate reality story was Booth's dream or something Brennan was imagining. She does borrow a lot from her real life for the books. It does seem to be Booth's dream though.

However that scene cut and Booth's new soap operaish affliction play out, I think the fact that Brennan's writing the voiceover stuff is the most significant event of the episode. It's easy to miss but that's a massive development for her.
I think she's reading to him, which means the dream is a combination of their two perceptions. I get the clock thing now too - the time change makes sense because time passes, but there's two different clocks with two different displays. The second has no : and has a 0 before the numbers. I mean, I don't 'get' it, but I understand why people noticed something out of the ordinary.
I think Fox is my new favorite network. Now if we could just get TSCC to be picked up as well.
Somehow I missed this yesterday, and great to hear it.
Not to forget to mention other wheodnverse stars TJ Thyne & Tamara Taylor who are a big mention for the site here as well ;)
Sunfire, I meant there are theories that the stuff that happened before they woke up in the morning could be a glimpse into the future/real/timelapse, because of the whole clock thing.

I think the AU episode was Booth's dream 'it felt so real', but the voiceovers were Brennan's writing.

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