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May 16 2009

Chris Hemsworth is THOR. Cabin in the Woods star, and Jim Kirk's heroic Daddy will be in the Branagh film and an Avengers movie.

Aw. I was holding out hope for Kevin McKidd. Oh well!
Bugger. Alexander Skarsgard looked too much like the character I guess. Can't have someone muscular, powerful, with chiseled features and long blond hair... and who's actually NORDIC. Nope, that would make far too much sense.
Great muppety Odin.
"Bugger. Alexander Skarsgard looked too much like the character I guess. Can't have someone muscular, powerful, with chiseled features and long blond hair... and who's actually NORDIC. Nope, that would make far too much sense."

Didn't this exact argument prove unfounded with the castings of Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger as their respective superhero characters? In the latter case, didn't that casting result in an posthumous Oscar?

Give creative people a chance to create.
Who is Thor???

I'm kidding, of course.
I am Thor!

I mean, I've been in thith thtupid chair all day, and if hath no back thupport.
I love Kenneth Branagh. I love most of his movies. But please don't let THOR be anything like his Hamlet.

Still, I am looking forward to it.

And yes, Kevin McKidd would have been hot.

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Whaaa? I thought Alexander Skarsgard (who was stellar in the HBO mini-series Generation Kill and a lot of fun as Eric in True Blood) was a lock already for this role.

Maybe I need my vision checked, but I thought Chris Pine (who played James Kirk in the new Trek film) also played his father in the prologue/flashback, George Kirk. My boyfriend even leaned over to me during that opening and we both kinda "ahhh, I see"-ed at the same time. Didn't realize it was a different actor, the likeness seemed so spot on.

It's too bad. Skarsgard looks the part to a T, speaks a Scandinavian language or two, and is more or less a viking. Other dude is just another Hollywood pretty boy from what I can see (Skarsgard is hot too, but Hemsworth is a little more of a typical choice for superhero lead).
Seems like a brilliant choice. Always thought Skarsgard was too slight for the role and McKidd is probably too old.
Wow, this kid is blowing up. Trek, CitW, now Thor. I thought his short performance in Trek was really solid so I'm looking forward to seeing him in Cabin and I think he can definitely fit well into the role of Thor.
Very cool casting...though I would've preferred him for Captain America. Still, I think he'll be great.
Yeah, I was thinking this guy has a pretty amazing casting agent too. (That isn't to say that I'm bashing his ability, I just don't really know him outside of that Star Trek yet.)

I mean he's taking on some pretty epic geek roles... (Good point NimNams, he could make a pretty good Steve Rogers I think)
Say what you will about the Aussie soapie 'Home and Away', but it's produced some actors who have used it as a springboard and have later gone on to do amazing things in the industry.
Heath Ledger, Julian McMahon, Isla Fisher, Melissa George and now Chris Hemsworth, among others, have all paid their dues in Summer Bay.
Good choice. Looking forward to seeing how the movie will turn out.
Yay for another soapie Aussie pulling free from the cliche. Plus looks like Joss likes working with Aussies.
Missb, I'm a closet Home and Away watcher from way back. Imagine my surprise in the Star Trek movie when I finally figured out where I recognised Kirk's dad from. Keeem!
As long as a Branagh film doesn't resemble a bearded Branagh shirtless running around with a naked DeNiro (MY EYES! MY PRECIOUS EYES!). Ah, if only it were Clerval instead of Victor (Tom Hulce is love). LMAO.

Well, as long as it doesn't turn out like Branagh's LSD-induced Magic Flute. Way to take my favorite opera (Mozart, nonetheless) and make it absolutely frightening. It's Mozart meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. With giant lips. My Mozartian heart was traumatized by this Kenneth Branagh horror:

On another note... The George Kirk "captain for 12 minutes and saved 800 people" scene made me actually tear up. Good job on the emotional resonance of that short but pivotal opening scene. ...Though, I think I'm turning into a Spock fangirl (kudos to the performances of Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban, in particular). I seriously did not intend that. I'm a Warsie/Han Solo fangirl, after all. Abrams did a good job with making this little Warsie absolutely adore a Star Trek film, so... Good job!

Congrats to Chris. Despite the Whedon influence, I can't say Cabin in the Woods sounds like my cup of tea.

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To those that want an actor that looks like Thor already,
in the Marvel universe modern origin (will they use it?),
the man that will be Thor is wan and wheelchair bound.
I don't think Skarsgard could be convincing as weak.

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