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May 17 2009

Dr. Horrible and The Guild cited in Washington Post article on the emergence of web series. This is an interesting article describing the emergence of web series as an alternative media to TV, citing several of our favorites as leading indicators.

Mods, feel free to delete this if it's not new-worthy enough for the front page. The subject, however, will interest many here who avidly follow the evolution of media forms.

Re: the closing of the article, the real failure of Quarterlife's attempted transition from web to television can be explained thusly: Its online viewers were too young to notice it was the creators of thirtysomething repackaging the same show over again with a currently-young cast. Television viewers probably noticed and realized they'd already seen it.

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I am a big fan of The Guild, looking forward to season 3. These people are crazy and I fit right in. (BG)
Is it just me or is this missing the point?

There was one audience-choice award; the others were selected by members of the International Academy of Web Television, an 88-person organization founded this year by Hustvedt and other industry players.
Williamthebloody, I don't think that statement was meant to denigrate or engrandize, but simply to inform reader who might want to know the basis for choosing the winners (ie who was choosing the winners).

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