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May 17 2009

(SPOILER) Q&A with Georges Jeanty over at Slayalive. There's also a new Scott Allie Q&A as well.

Spoiler for what? Or if you don't know who he is, there are no spoilers for you? :)
There are some spoilers as to when Twilight's identity will be revealed, as well as some character interactions to look out for, some as early as #26. Those are the essential highlights, but there may be some others that elude memory right now.

EDIT: Thanks, Skytte, for posting this. :)

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Hee. Georges checks out potential Buffy clothes while he's out shopping.
So, it seems we will not learn Twilight's identity til 2010. *sigh*

This makes me sad:

Or hate it if you were a big Oz and Willow fan.[
I added the Scott Allie link.
I look forward to seeing this Bay character now that I know Georges used Dichen as inspiration.
"Or hate it if you were a big Oz and Willow fan".

Still gay here, then.
I really like the banner Slayalive uses.
@ mr_waterproof: Could also be that Oz has moved on to someone else. Or both. :)
Did Jane Espenson write the Oz miniseries a while back? If so, that may be getting canonized, and with it, his love interest from it.
Pretty sure that was Christopher Golden, not Espenson.
The more I read Georges and his answers the more I really like the guy. I lol at his shopping and wondering if that was something Buffy would wear.

Thanks for doing this SlayAlive!
Scott Allie said:

Hopefully Tales of the Vampires next month will satisfy.

We're talking about doing more, but the main story of Season Eight simply doesn't have room for the detour that would


Little disappointed that more of Season 8 won't cover the vamps' change in status in society (then again, it's early days, Joss might still decide to inject a little more of it into future issues before #40). This has easily been the weakest element of Season 8 so far (and I'm someone who's enjoyed most parts of the season). It felt so clumsily implemented and..."okay audience/readers--magically accept!"

I can fanwank with the best of 'em, but vamps-coming-out/vamps-accepted-and-celebrated requires the reader to fill in way more blanks than usual. I guess it's not going to be deemed important to the Twilight arc, but in the Buffyverse, in the history of the franchise, it's kinda huge. Not sure it's a thing to gloss over or rush through in one measly reality-TV-criticizing issue and the odd mentioned thereafter. Maybe it was an idea in the writers' room that seemed like a good idea at the time, like "let's lampoon Twilight, Underworld, maybe True Blood, and the popularity of vampires as heroes or flawed-but-lovable anti-heroes".

Scott keeps mentioning stuff that's been fixed in the trade paperback collections of these issues. Most of them are barely noticeable (at least they were to me), but maybe it'll be fun to go through the eventual hardcover collections, they'll maybe be sort of like Director's Cut editions.

I'm glad Twilight's reveal isn't going to be a last-page-of-the-last-issue kind of reveal. Not a cliffhanger. That it'll happen earlier. Both comics and television are often guilty of this, the last-minute reveal, but it often works against them--the surprise is sudden, but the fallout and explanation are rushed to the point where the audience just feels like it was dropped on its head, no cushion on landing.

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