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May 17 2009

NBC has renewed Adam Baldwin's Chuck. The Hollywood Reporter's James Hibberd is reporting that NBC has renewed Chuck for a 13 episode 3rd season. Michael Ausiello is reporting some catches with the renewal.

According to multiple sources the show will be moved to Friday nights, with budget cuts also being part of the renewal. There is reportedly an option, based on performance, for 9 episodes to be added late in the season.

Nice one.
How do you like that? After years of suffering cancellations of my favorite shows, I will go into next year with EVERY show I watch returning, even Scrubs, a show which just aired what was presumed a series finale. This is odd. Hell, even FNL got a 2 season pickup.
The initial order is for thirteen with the usual option for the back nine.

Budget was trimmed so supporting cast members will be in less episodes and apparently they need to cut back the cast by one.
That part is sad, but the pick-up is stellar!

Congrats for Adam and the gang!
It's the same for me, Wolf Ram and Hart. So weird. :D

Btw, if you want more links: THRfeed says the same awesome stuff, but Michael Ausiello says there'll be a catch regarding the cast (& writing staff).

Friday night? Are you f'in kidding? Yeesh...
Oh, great, now I may have to choose between Dollhouse and Chuck? Well, actually, I had to choose between Chuck and How I Met Your Mother before, so I guess it isn't too different.
That's great!
I just started watching Chuck and I'm absolutely loving it!

The Friday nights are bad news though...
I a guessing that Chuck will be on at 8 on Friday and won't be in direct competition with Dollhouse. Southland is a darker show and will probably need to be in the 9pm (less kid friendly) slot. In other breaking news, TSCC is dead.
"R.I.P. Anna Wu?"

Aw, that would blow. Every time I watch Chuck, I'm thinking "This could seriously use some more Anna Wu." If she and Morgan move to Hawaii for reals... I might just have to follow.
lt's cool but 13 episodes that sucks NBC sorry butts should give it 22
zee, a 13 episode for this show is an outright miracle. NBC should be praised for it. If it performs to what should be rather low expectations, it will get a second order of 9 to make a full order of 22. This is a very normal order for a bubble show. Very few shows are getting full orders this year.
Good news, but I certainly hope it's not Adam Baldwin's character that gets cut! Honestly I love the whole ensemble. Except that lady who plays the general or whatever who gives the team orders. She's annoying, unbelievable, and can be axed without any problem on my part.
They can't possibly cut Adam Baldwin: he makes the show! Glad Chuck is back, sad about the catches.
Yeah, Julia Ling has been severely underused on Chuck this season. I hope that she (along with Joshua Grimes) are still around next year.

I agree with TamaraC about the scheduling -- Chuck is more likely to be scheduled at 8:00.
Chuck has been renewed!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That has made my day :)
*does happy dance*
Congrats Chuck fans! I'm looking forward to catching up with the show this summer :)
While it's great that all these shows are getting renewed it does leave Summer and TSCC out in the cold and feeling unloved.

If they just hadn't had a whole bunch of episodes mid season with little happening and hardly any Cameron it too might have been renewed.
Seriously makes me wonder if Lena demanded more airtime and less Summer.
Why isn't Warner Bros. doing this with TSCC as well? Or maybe they did but FOX said no... {}(
Hopefully Summer gets a job in a flash. Would also like to see SMG's pilot get picked up by HBO.
Summer would make a perfect baddie for Chuck. And Castle. And Dollhouse. And Leverage. TV producers, make it so!
Awww, that's great! Couldn't happen to a more decent guy. :)
I watched most of season 1 of Chuck and what I saw, I liked. Haven't seen season 2 yet but it's on my list. Anyone know if it's been shown in the UK yet? Pretty sure the first season was on Virgin 1 but no idea about the second.

Good news about the renewal though.
Yes! Dollhouse and Chuck have been renewed. All is right with the world.
I'm very, very happy. :)

Just don't cut Lester. Go Canada!
Chuck and Dollhouse renewed? Obama did promise change.
I believe the only show I watch now that hasn't been renewed is The Unit (and it probably won't). Still, as long as the cuts are not to bad or noticeable this is fantastic news. I still think the show would go over alot better on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
If Sarah's pilot doesn't get picked up, I would L O V E for her to guest star on any of these shows. Probably not "Chuck", since "Chuck" is going to have to stop getting the big name guest stars (Sarah would have been awesome as Jill, not that Jordana wasn't).

How about Sarah guest-starring on "Dollhouse" as one of Adelle's counterparts at a different house?
Here's to Chuck...Hurray!
wOW. Dollhouse,Castle, Scrubs(!) and Chuck. The only way I could be happier was if... oh, too many things: Journeyman, Reunion (hiss), recurring role for Scott Bakula.

Anyway, aside from Summer, Christmas in May and we all got pretty presents! I'm in hiding from Dollhouse and I have to go back to ep 6 and start from there, and I'm actually scared someone will tell me who Alpha is, so... I shouldn't stay (and I'm probably going to do Castle before Dollhouse). But right now, I should have been asleep hours ago. Happy Fridays (which I haven't actually had since Enterprise and Joan of Arcadia were canceled). Hopefully the deathslots will not kill us again. seems destiny ends with me saving you... :-)
Any show that can get renewed despite being featured in this ad is doing alright in my book.
Wow, that add is incredibly cringe making. I just started watching Chuck and am loving it - such a fun show! Great to hear it's continuing, along with Dollhouse and Better off Ted. I saw the first episode of Castle last night too (just aired on Australian TV), and while I do love Nathan and he is awesome in everything he does, it doesn't seem like the sort of show that can keep me interested. But I'm still glad to see it's continuing.
I watched most of season 1 of Chuck and what I saw, I liked. Haven't seen season 2 yet but it's on my list. Anyone know if it's been shown in the UK yet? Pretty sure the first season was on Virgin 1 but no idea about the second.

S2 is coming to Virgin1 in June. :)
Thanks, RachVG. I'll keep my eye out for that. :)

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