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May 17 2009

Tom Lenk on Twitter. Andrew joins other Whedon-alum on Twitter.

And his userpic with Clare Kramer is priceless.

Is it actually him?
@alydenisof tweeted about him, so apparently so.

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Dammit, I was just coming here to post this. I make 18 Whedonverse people by last count.
Everybody was queuing for posting this- me too!! Oh well, never mind, as long as it's real Tom Lenk, I'm happy :-D
Pretty sure it's the real deal. Along with Aly's tweet, Amber Benson also acknowledged having done a book reading with him in Santa Monica, and the pic with Clare Kramer looks self-taken.

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I love it when Whedonverse peeps join Twitter. Also, it does seem like it actually is him.
It's cute to go to their profiles and see all the Whedon alum following and tweeting each other. :)
Does anyone have a list of all the official Whedon alum?
jamesthegill compiled one. It can be found here.
Yay Tom!!!!! I miss him on TV. I don't really miss Andrew, but I miss Tom. His comedy is outstanding. I encourage everyone to check out some of his acts on youtube. Hilarious.
Well, not *all* of them are following *all* of them, snicker-snicker.
YAY!!! I so 'cited!!! Now we have to get: NPH, Amy Acker, Fran Kranz, Enver Gjokaj, Nick Brendon, James Marsters, Alexis Denisof, ASH, David Boreanaz, J. August Richards, Christian Kane, and anybody else I'm missin'.
Haha, he just Tweeted: "how did i get to 2625 followers in just a few days!!! You guys rock! It's like everything on my dreamboard really is coming true..."

Should we let him know about the magic of whedonesque? :)
Should we let him know about the magic of whedonesque? :)

Considering he has an account here, I think he knows, probably.
thanks thricewise and simon, I didn't want to re-ask a(n) FAQ, and searching - I couldn't figure what keywords to use besides "twitter"
additionally I forgot about the existance of FAQ's till I tried to write this thanks

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