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May 17 2009

Dollhouse Australian air date. For those people waiting for Dollhouse in Australia the wait is over! Dollhouse will make its debut on Australian Cable TV on FOX8 on June 9th. No time slot has been scheduled as yet.

In case that's loading slow for anyone else (actually, even when it loads it won't let me view anything, so I have no idea if the info is even there), see this pic provided to @watchdollhouse by @FrostyTI yesterday.

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Still no word from Network 10 on the premiere as yet but keeping an eye out :)
See the picture I linked. "Another FOX8 Australian exclusive". That would tend to suggest it's FOX8 and nowhere else. They picked it up last September.

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Where is the info on the site linked?
Certainly what would be FOX8's page for Dollhouse doesn't exist yet.
Good, the sooner it airs, the sooner it will be on Blu-Ray!
Simon - Tried looking for the FOX8 site it is really hard to find through Google (because I don't have Austar at home) but I'll edit to the screencaps that was posted by The One True b!X
Yeah, Channel Ten didn't pick it up, they went for Lie to Me instead. Which is ridiculous, considering Dichen Lachman is starring in Dollhouse.

Was hoping this post was for the Region 4 DVD release actually :P
That's a good point about Dichen Lachman

Does anyone know what the chances are of Channel 10 picking it up for season 2? Has that ever happened before? If it was on regular TV here I think it could really take off. I remember that Buffy back in the day was much bigger here than it was in the US (proportionately) no doubt because we have far fewer free-to-air commercial channels.
sometimes free to air tv in Australia picks up shows late... Dexter season 2 was just completed here in Australia on channel 10... a season behind the states.

Dichen Lachman was on Neighbours, which is more popular in England than here... so that would probably have more of an effect over there.

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Oh, how I want it to be airing on Ten.

Then maybe all my friends would finally understand what it is I won't quit rambling about. Their expressions tend to go rather blank when I start raving about the latest exploits of Echo and the rest.
Wonderful! When air time comes around, I can safely say I've seen all his series!

Free-to-air channels in Australia are fairly hopeless at picking up shows; not sure, but I think "back in the day" it was Fox 8 that was up to date with Buffy's before Channel 10, could be wrong.

However, on the note of Channel 10, I had a bit of a chuckle at their re-runs of Angel few weeks ago; Angel and Wesley dancing has got to be one of the most entertaining visual images in the past few decades.
Buffy aired on Channel 7 in Australia not Channel 10 :) They were always more up to date than FOX 8 was. Fox 8 would get a season after it finished on Channel 7 and then would air it, Channel 7 was always ahead.
I remember coming home from work (library shift) to watch BtVS & AtS on Channel 7.

But for some reason Ten are now showing it - not sure if there's any logic to the eps aired. Wondering what they bought to collect the rights etc (esp. since they are talking about cutting back screenings of The Simpsons ad nauseum repeats due to $$$).

Still shocked at how quickly Castle was picked up AND aired by Ch. 7...
I remember fighting for the TV when Buffy was on ... but not for Buffy. I wanted to watch Six Feet Under and my older sister (and to a lesser extent my mum) wanted to watch Buffy which at that stage I was dismissive of. They were so right and I was so wrong (though Six Feet Under was a pretty good show).
Did 7 air all seven seasons of Buffy?
I remember fighting for the TV when Buffy was on ... but not for Buffy. I wanted to watch Six Feet Under and my older sister (and to a lesser extent my mum) wanted to watch Buffy which at that stage I was dismissive of. They were so right and I was so wrong (though Six Feet Under was a pretty good show).

Wow, that's a tough one. SFU was the first TV show I truly loved, it opened up this medium for me, so I'd have a hard time choosing. But then again, I barely watch TV live, and fighting over which torrent to watch in what order... not so exciting as it may sound.

ETA the quote I was referring to.

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Haha yeah, I don't really watch any TV live anymore either. In Australia if we're lucky enough to get good shows (we make very few good scripted shows ourselves) it will inevitably be put on late at night. So, yeah, since I've figured out torrenting that's how I do it too

I suppose I should get back to SFU at some point. I've only actually watched the first season and some of season 2. I though season 1 was great (not Buffy great but still great) but what I saw of season 2 seemed tired, repetitive and cliched. It may well have improved but I took a break and never quite managed to get back to it. I have heard the final episode is great

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Not unlike Buffy, I always thought of SFU as a show that improved with each season. The more the characters grew, the more weight their actions and emotions had and so I became incredibly attached to them. Even the often criticized third season explored stuff I didn't expect, and season 4 and 5 were emotionally pure gold. I cried at the finale. I would give it a second try.

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Thanks Mcphee and B!x for the heads up on when Dollhouse will be on Aussie TVs. It's great that Castle was picked up pretty quickly and it's airing on channel 7 at 9.30 on Sundays after Bones. Two Whedon man hunks for 2 hours, I can live with that. Castle was great and laughed all the way through, the magnetism between Nathan and Stana is... magneticifying? Loved it. Me thinks there might be a Whedon fan at channel 7, maybe? Nathan was on a morning show on 7 when he was here for a fi-sci convention, and Buffy and Angel were both on 7. Let's hope Dollhouse gets to be on free to air here, so that all Aussies can get to see what a genius Joss is, ok, see more of the Joss genius, or is that, see that Joss is genius-er, hmmrrphh?

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Apologies to everyone, as I mentioned, I wasn't sure, my memory gets fuzzy.
Let Down,

Yup Channel 7 aired all seven seasons of Btvs. They always the treat the show very well, anyone else remember the huge three/four page liftout in the Advertiser about how Buffy was ending? I've never see any other show pretty much get the entire TV section of a newspaper dedicated to it. It was brilliant, I still have it :D

They advertised 'Chosen' quite a lot from memory and it actually won it's timeslot for that night which is great. Nice to see Btvs dominating the ratings for a change.
The show has been given an 8:30pm timeslot according to TV Tonight..

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