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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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September 19 2003

James C Leary - The Interview. A video interview and transcript with our man Clem at Dragon*Con courtesy of the very nice people at Hellmouth Central.

So are there any grass roots efforts to get Leary aka "Clem" on Angel any time soon? Like petitions we could sign or something?

I agree that the perfect connection into the show would be Lorne. Clem finds himself in some kind of trouble and tracks down "The Host" for a little insight on his near future, so he knows how to handle it. When Lorne hears Clem sing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" with Fred in tow, Lorne goes to Angel right away and reveals that if Angel doesn't actively protect Clem in some way, Willow accidently comes across him and learns Clem was the one who ate Kitty Fantastico three years ago. Lorne predicts that Willow will go all Dark again and kill Clem then destroy the world, and Angel has to stop Willow from discovering Clem ate her pet cat.

Special guest stars would be James Leary AND Alyson Hannigan, obviously. I've always wanted closure to the whole Kitty Fantastico thing and this'd be the perfect way to do it.
Didn't Dawn pretty much say that Miss Kitty Fantastico got the business end of a crossbow?

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