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May 18 2009

(SPOILER) Joss talks about the Dollhouse renewal. James Hibberd interviews Joss. Minor spoilers for episode 13.

Dollhouse being paired with a show called "Til Death" tickles me.
[dryly] There’s a lot of cross over between “Til Death” and “Dollhouse.” It couldn’t be a more perfect match, really.

You pitched season two as being more like the last few episodes of the season, can you talk about that?

The last few episodes we got to play "the man behind the curtain" a lot. We did less of, “And this week, she’s a neurosurgeon!” Which we’ll still do to an extent, it’s part of the fun. But we got into what makes the place tick, what makes it wrong. It was less, “Murder She Was Imprinted to Write.” The episodes were more satisfying and the network responded to that. And we also responded to their ideas about pacing and it being more of a thriller and a conspiracy so they were seeing what they were hoping for when we got the aspect we were looking for.

Intiguing, and hopeful sign of the changes to come! I approve.
But we got into what makes the place tick, what makes it wrong.

High fives Joss.
Might want a spoiler tag for the 13th episode.

Way to go Joss! I like his comment that the show seems episodic but wasn't really. I can totally see why they thought it would work as a standalone episode thing, and why that was so, so wrong.
I hope that he will adress the Acker/Tudyk/Gjokaj-situation. Amy and Alan have new tv shows coming out - will that stop them from appearing in Dollhouse season two? :( And will Enver go back to pretty instead of being pretty scared?
Great point about the 5th season of Angel.
I can't freakin' WAIT for Dollhouse season 2!
Amy is a series regular on "Happy Town" (and it's not her character which dies in it), so - for now - she's out of Dollhouse appearing recurring. I checked, that pilot didn't take second position to Dollhouse.

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Mm-hmm. Every studio or network will always ask for more episodic because episodes rerun better.

At what point will studios switch from writing for syndication to writing for the DVD box-set?
jkalderash, added the spoiler tag. Sorry.

I hope they can get Amy at least long enough to write her out of the show, preferably in a way that would leave the door open for a later return.

Alan isn't that much of a problem. His character is currently on the run and they couldn't find him the first time he disappeared.
This is really good news overall.

As for Amy, depending on shooting schedules, she could be in both shows at once. It wouldn't be the first time someone did that. In the 80s, Heather Locklear was on both TJ Hooker and Dynasty at the same time on different networks (CBS & ABC). The main reason it worked is Aaron Spelling really loved her and had her scenes scheduled for her off time from the other show. Joss could do the same here.

Alan is in the same boat with V.
I totally love Joss Whedon - in the platonic, kindred-minds sense, that is.
I think David Anders was on Alias and CSI both during the same year. I'm not sure though. There's nothing I want more in Dollhouse than Amy Acker. Her character is a personal favorite of mine. But if there's anyone who deserves to become a big Hollyood star and be recognized for her work, that's Amy. So I hope her show makes it big.
Armin Shimerman was a regular on DS9 when he was guesting on Buffy.
This interview makes me so happy because I feel like Joss' answers specifically address many of the weaknessess in the show's first season that stuck out to me personally. If I wasn't genuinely excited about Dollhouse season two before I most certainly am now!
Man... now hearing Joss talking about it is really whetting my appetite for season 2. I can't wait. I still have so many questions (such as which characters/actors are returning). I think Joss would be able to make Amy work, she doesn't need to be in every episode, but her story really fascinates me since she discovered herself that she was a doll all along. I mean, how cool is that? So many implications there...

And we absolutely NEED more Alan as Alpha. He doesn't need to be in many episodes, but we need him in there somewhere. I hope they find a good place to slot him in.

Sounds very interesting about the 13th episode being a flash forward that they work towards over the course of the standard episodes of the show. Also, brilliant way to tie up loose ends if the show had been canned after one season. As stated in the other thread, it would be awesome to get an Epitaph Two (and more for each season). It would be kind of like when Lost had the flash-forwards, and then you found out how they got there. ;-)

So excited to have more Joss on tv. I love to see his shows develop over time, they only continue to get stronger. And I agree, the budget cuts for Angel season 5 really didn't hurt at all - that's my favorite season!
Joss wouldn't be the first showrunner to do such a thing, AnotherFireflyFan. JMS shot "Sleeping in Light" (focusing on events 18 years after Season 4) just in case he didn't get to do a 5th season of Babylon 5; it ended up being the series finale... a year after it was shot.

(ETA: a bit more background for those unfamiliar with B5)

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Maybe watching a comedy that makes you wish you were dead will make the notion of becoming a doll more intriguing.
It was less “Murder She Was Imprinted to Write.”

Ha! Is this Joss's sly nudge towards Nathan's references to Castle as "Murder She Wrote"?

Isn’t that a little ironic though since Fox's initial desire was to be very episodic an stand-alone?


Doesn't that lil sound say it all.
dreamlogic: "Maybe watching a comedy that makes you wish you were dead will make the notion of becoming a doll more intriguing."

"Did I fall asleep?"
"For a little while..."
"How long? Damnit!! How long?!?"
"A half hour."
"Oh. Oh, thank God."
LOL @ QuoterGal. :)
hahaha love it QuoterGal
“Murder She Was Imprinted to Write” starring Angela Lansbury and Printy the Chair.
When Joss said DH is a "perfect match" with "'Til Death" I was like "What?" And then I saw that, according to the interviewer, he said it "dryly." It's always a funny experience to read a transcribed interview with a guy like Joss, whose humor is not always apparent in a transcript. I find myself trying to "hear" his responses and "see" his facial expressions, and wondering what inflections, pauses, emphases, and other signals are missing from the written words.

Anyway, like gossi, I think it's unintentionally hilarious that a show everyone thought was dead (i.e., Dollhouse) is now paired with a show called "'Til Death." It's also funny that "'Til Death" is now being moved to the death slot, so that the title now takes on a whole new predictive meaning.

Mostly though, I'm just blown away (in a very very good way) by the fact that DH is coming back at all. From what I've read, it is pretty much unprecedented for a show with numbers like these to return on a major network. It's also cool that we got to watch this history happen in real time, all the while obsessing and handwringing just like we always do. Fox truly deserves some love from us for this bold move.

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Lmao you've made my day! :D
Squishy, I've also experienced that sensation of missing Joss's delivery in transcribed interviews; it's unfair that someone who can pack that much thought and insight into the subtext can also write such excellent actual text. Writers shouldn't be actors/comedians too.

You know, I bet Joss can even dance. I mean, in a socially acceptable fashion.
Ha! Is this Joss's sly nudge towards Nathan's references to Castle as "Murder She Wrote"?

Castle's not like Murder She wrote. For a start, the main character isn't a serial killer...
I totally forgot about Angel season 5's reduced budget, which really speaks to the quality of work because I have watched the season so many times. It may be a lousy lead in but that will make Dollhouse look even better! Bring on season 2! : D
I didn't know until today that Angel Season 5 had a reduced budget. Very wow!

williamthebloody1880, Nathan Fillion (himself) kept referring to "Castle" as being similar to "Murder She Wrote". We were just wondering if Joss was taking what Nathan said and playfully applying it to his own circumstances. :)
I didnt know that either Korkster, in reference to Angel 5's cut budget. You really cant tell.

And if a smaller budget means more time inside the Dollhouse I have no problem with that.

Sidenote- how douchey is that one person in the articles comments, 'Toph'. Is that really what some people think of the show?
Hah, this part of the game he plays so well, its funny he then chooses to do non mainstream.

Joss, if you read this, why don't you do mainstream for say - 10 years, you could make a filthy amount of money - and then after you've done the dough, you could do the show? ;)
Count me as another Angel fan who had no. idea. at all. that 5th season was less expensive. Never noticed at all.

Mild concern for what Joss said (rather than what Joss hopefully meant) when he said "We’ve never had much luck with our lead ins."

Summer Glau kicking ass not a good lead-in for a Joss Whedon show? :( Some of us are in heavy mourning for Terminator right now! No salt in that wound! No salt!

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Well, T:TSCC wasn't exactly a ratings powerhouse and Dollhouse consistently did much better than it. It's not a slight to acknowledge that and Joss has repeatedly said that he really likes T:TSCC and felt comfortable with it being paired with Dollhouse
williamthebloody1880 said:
Castle's not like Murder, She wrote. For a start, the main character isn't a serial killer...

Jessica Fletcher was a serial killer?
Haha! I didn't understand the serial-killer remark either. It almost sounds like wtb was thinking of Dexter, in which the protagonist is a serial killer who only goes after other killers. But I don't know much about MSW so maybe I'm missing something.
Haven't you ever noticed that wherever Jessica Fletcher goes, someone dies? What other explanation is there?
My brother always says that about Murder She Wrote. I'm not sure if he knows "it's a whole thing," or if he discovered it independently, but he calls it "Murder She Committed."

Progressive_Stupidity, I took the fact that this "Toph" person used all caps, the fact that they ignored reasonable counter-arguments, and the fact that most of what they said was simply repeating the same (clearly controversial, arguably quite stupid) position ad nauseum as evidence that they were not in any way serious. Sadly, that tactic seems to be a very reliable way of drawing the attention of everyone on a thread to oneself.

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