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May 19 2009

First cast promo shot from V, featuring Morena Baccarin. has posted the first promotional shot of the cast of the new V remake. A short haired Morena, as Visitor leader Anna is shown along with Joel Gretsch, Lourdes Benedicto, Logan Huffman, Elizabeth Mitchell, Scott Wolf, and Morris Chestnut. Unfortunately Alan Tudyk isn't included.

Woot! First post is mine! Huzzah!


Gotta's an interesting poster, if only for two reasons:

1) A lack of the Tudyk, which is just wrong on SO many levels; and

2) The revelation that the Visitors are seemingly NOT gonna be rocking updated versions of the iconic red/black jumpsuits from the original mini-series and TV show

Honestly don't know what gets me more really...the lack of Alan on the post since I was under the impression his government agent is supposed to be a big character or that the Visitors like our sartorial wares enough to have Morena's Anna look like a company exec rather than the leader of an extraterrestrial "exploration" (or whatever the cover story will be) mission. Any one else have similiar thoughts or am I just overreacting?
Wow, that is a drastic haircut but she still looks good. I'm actually not that familiar with V at all (so I have no idea if anyone else in this publicity photo is also an alien... suspecting the guy to her right is?) but her corporatewear actually does look sorta sci-fi given the unusual collar of the jacket. That is, unless I'm just totally clueless as to businesswear trends.
Given how large the cast of the original was, I'm not surprised that all the main characters aren't on this early promo shot.

This has more actors I know than I thought. Besides Alan and Morena, #1 in that cast is Joel Gretsch (the best villain on the uneven sci-fi mini-series Taken, plus he's hot, and I haven't seen The 4400 yet but I think he's the main character on that). Scott Wolf (funny in Go and playing himself in Action, plus there was Party of Five. Dunno how he was on Everwood, wasn't able to rent past Season 1). I remember Lourdes Benedicto from Season 2 of 24 as Michelle's rival at CTU headquarters, but I didn't like her much.

This ain't a spoiler 'cause she can easily do both if V really does turn out to be a mini-series (and those who've seen the Season 5 finale, keep quiet for everyone else's sake) but Elizabeth Mitchell ("Juliet Burke") from Lost is the highlight of this project for me (she was Angelina Jolie's girlfriend in the HBO movie Gia too).
I know this is selfish, but I hope the lack of Tudyk in this photo means a lesser role = more time for Dollhouse season 2. Hey, I have my priorities.
I know Im shallow and mean, but Morena looked so much better with long hair. :(
Yeah, I'm sorta glad Alan's role is lessened. I hope Alpha becomes a major character.
Morena had a very short haircut during the writers strike picket and she looked very hot with it.

Did she grow it long again and then cut it for V? Or did she keep it short?
Morena had this haircut at Dragon*con last fall--she looks AMAZING with the shorter hair. Let's face it--she can wear her hair however she wants, she is just a beautiful lady!
Never mind

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I totally agree about Morena's short hair. I saw her in person twice in fall of 2007, and myself and just about everyone couldn't get over how good she looked with the short hair.
That guy in the end left looks much like D.B. Woodside.
Alan is here ->
yep I'm very sad about the short hair. To me, it's 100% unattractive.
Longer hair pretty much is always better.

So, with the change in costumes, I'm already worried that the very soul of "V" -- the totalitarian state of soft despotism followed by hard despotism, the WWII allegory -- is going to be stripped away.
Morena is undoubtedly a goddess. But I have come to realise that, although I'm a mostly straight woman, I definitely have a girl-crush type and it involves long, wavy dark hair. So my girl-crush on Morena is lessened by her current hairstyle, but her beauty remains undimmed.
This discussion is creeping me out. A lot.
Perhaps I should point out that if they're like the visitors in the original V then it's just a wig anyway....
Caroline, we even started to talk about eating rats.
As a fan of the original, I would have been excited about this remake anyway...but throw in Alan and Morena? I am THRILLED. Can't wait.

Also, Morena is beautiful no matter how she wears her hair. She'd be beautiful if she were bald.
Uh...sorry, Caroline? Wasn't exactly expecting the back-and-forth over Morena herself when I noted the costume she's wearing for the poster is noticeably different than what the Visitors wore in the original mini-series ;)

Still...highly attractive woman but I haven't seen enough of her with the short hair to say she's rockin' it hard. And I AM excited about the remake, if only to see how things have updated or tweaked for a 21st century arrival time of the Visitors.
A lot of women have short hair, for different reasons: to say short hair is never attractive is rather harsh and mean spirited IMO.

She obviously likes it - that's what matters.

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