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May 19 2009

(SPOILER) Two clips from 'V' featuring Morena Baccarin. The Live Feed has two clips from ABC's upcoming remake of 'V', both heavily featuring Morena Baccarin. And new cast photos featuring Morena and Alan can be found here.

And she's kind of creepy. 'V' will also be starring Alan Tudyk.

I was all ready for "Not available in your country" but they worked!

And looks good. Certainly less cheesy that the original, and the ethical quandary Anna put that interviewer in was fun.

But Anna does have a lot to learn about our Earth ways. It's your agent's job to be the heavy! I'm sure someone at CAA will be happy to represent her.
looks like fun...and Morena really hits the creepy vibe well!
I didn't realise she was going to be the leader :) I also didn't realise that Juliet from Lost was in it...guess I must have been living under a rock until now!
Wow! Morena as The Big Giant Head. Creepy!
"guess I must have been living under a rock until now!"

Like a newt? LIZARD!!!
I wasn't particularly excited about the show, but now I think it looks promising. I especially liked the second clip with the interview. This interview is now cancelled.
I love how they actually used clips of Morena speaking in the different languages as opposed to using similar-sounding voice actors.
I would probably have tried this anyway (because 'V' was a guilty pleasure of mine back in the day) but now I have to say I'm really looking forward to it! Morena looks awesome, and you know Alan will be amazing. I can't wait!
Does anyone know what role Alan will play? (I never watched the original, so more a general sense of what he does would be good... "fights the aliens" or "is an alien" or, "is an alien who fights the aliens" or something like that...)
I keep picturing Alan in the Robert Englund role (friendly alien), but maybe that wasn't in the miniseries. Wasn't there an old V TV show, too?
This looks very exciting! With this, Caprica and Dollhouse, should be a good season for science-fiction!
Looks good, but the end of that second clip is a little ridiculous. Maybe that type of negotiation would go on behind closed doors, but with both of them mic'ed and a bunch of observers? The interview would be canceled right away.
Whenever I look up in the sky, I see the large floating head of Wallace Shawn. Life isn't fair.
Alan appears to be playing the Paul Ballard of the show (which is to say, an FBI investigator). Kind of a different role for him, which is very cool.
I'm curious to watch it. it looks like it's gonna be a very mysterious tv show.
...the end of that second clip is a little ridiculous.

Maybe so, if these were both humans who know how the game is played. As one of them is an alien who appears to be used to getting her way RIGHT NOW, no discussion, it doesn't seem ridiculous to me.

And Morena is creepy! I loved the original, and I'm really looking forward to this version.
By the original you means the mini-series right? Cause the tv series was a piece of... not that good.

Et>: Open tag.

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That really skeeved me. Totally excited now!
Oh, I think I know who she reminds me of. Jasmine! All nice and pretty and scary--then suddenly with the whole eating of people.

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Maybe that type of negotiation would go on behind closed doors, but with both of them mic'ed and a bunch of observers? The interview would be canceled right away.

Yep, someone must have CAA's number?

/And now the contract fine print that goes "on Earth and throughout the universe" will actually mean something!
//Get the AMPTP onto her! Broadcasting free to everyone in the world? That's got to be violating someone's copyright!
Flashbacks to Adria
Sarcasm noted, zz9.
People are nutritious.

I am looking forward to this. Very creep head indeed.
I love Joel Gretsch, but I can't stand that Laura something that was in Smallville, she can't act and she looks like she came out of the other side of filmmaking business.
By the original you means the mini-series right?

Oh yeah, definitely the miniseries. I'm not sure I saw the TV series. Maybe I blocked it from my memory. :)
I don't trust those aliens.
The original mini is a true work of art that was basterdized by the second mini and killed outright by the shortlived series. As long as the new series keeps the Nazi allegory then I am all for it. And our dear Inara as the face of the Visitors is a perfect update.
Please no star children thats all I ask, no demand. Well that and the Nazi thing.
Hopefully they get Ken Johnson (Writer/ director/ creator of the original V) involved as I know he was interested in continuing the original (he even released a novel that tells the story of what the new mini would be.)
And it would be great if they could bring some of the original actors back especially Faye Grant who played Dr.Juliet Parrish, one of the greatest characters ever to grace the small screen. A strong but vulnerable and completely realistic woman of power who was based on a real person.
The novel was a good read and would certainly add a new spin to the "what is canon" debate.
Don't know anything about V, but based on these two clips, I'd definitely check it out.
I like that the novel gives you some ideas of what story beats were proposed by Mr.Johnson for the second mini. Like the best moment of the second mini is when Daniel kills Ruby and that death is alluded to in the novel, so it gives you the sense it was his idea.
Canon is a funny, funny thing.
Bonzob, I didn't over do it, did I? :)

It will be interesting to see how that scene plays in context when we see the whole thing.
Hee, no, it was funny.

I guess what I meant is that with that many observers, there's no way the interview would go out without someone reporting that the aliens insisted they be portrayed positively. I don't know much about the premise of the show, though... maybe the aliens could then kill these people.
...the end of that second clip is a little ridiculous.

Maybe so, if these were both humans who know how the game is played. As one of them is an alien who appears to be used to getting her way RIGHT NOW, no discussion, it doesn't seem ridiculous to me.

It's ridiculous because of the reporter's behaviour. No way he would shoot down his own credibility in front of that many people. Whatever happened would have quickly leaked and he could have come out as the posterboy for integrity for turning down her push for only positive spin. And it would have looked suspicious for her to cancel last minute.
Of course, people would likely want to hear anything from newly-arrived aliens, so perhaps it would play out differently. I also deeply doubt people would have the applause reaction that was shown in the first clip in real life. More likely the screaming and freaking out kind. But I didn't see the original and only recently heard about this show, so there could be some context I'm missing there.
Anyways, point is, I can see how someone would think the reporter's behaviour was ridiculous.
Depends on who's in that room with them, how private that interview is beyond the cameraman and a network exec or two. Most of the folks in the studio looked like they were from Morena's character's race.

Also, the other studio staff might keep quiet about the reporter's integrity or lack thereof because this interview would be a huge boon to them. Huge for ratings. In an economic crisis (odds are it'll be written in or at least alluded to, tons of other shows have this year), money is more important than ripping Scott Wolf's character to shreds.

And oh, I had no clue it would look this promising. Wow. Very smart choices for preview clips. And this is great exposure for Morena, potentially a life-changer.
Ahhh... Morena's soon to be back on my TV. The only thing I will miss is her hair (though she is still drop-dead gorgeous.) Add Alan Tudyk and an alien invasion and you got three can't-miss things for me. :)

Speaking of which, I miss "Invasion." That was an excellently creepy show.

And I really liked the clips. Good choices.

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Am I the only one that thinks Morena looks better with the short hair? I wouldn't have thought such a thing was possible. Very excited for this.
I'm thinking the short hair is so it's easier to get her into a skull-cap for the scenes when she's in her native state.
I know a few thousand lefty blog commentors who'll have no problem believing that second clip -- that's pretty much how they see big media journalists behaving all the time, and pretty openly. Heck, you can see stuff like this exposed on "The Daily Show" every night. (Well, not quite, but it feels that way.)

Anyhow, I think it looks cool. I never watched the original series (I think it lost me after the first 15 minutes, for whatever reason), but I'll give this one a shot.
Umm. I didn't know Principal Wood was in this. Kind of a Joss intensive cast actually.
That's not Wood. Just a good lookalike.

Unless, of course, you're referring to someone I'm not.
Naa... just joking. Extremely similar style.

My first reaction was that though.

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My first reaction was that though.

Maybe a lizard killed his mother and he's out for revenge?
Looks solid. I'm starting to look forward to it.
Completely agree with theMidnighter. I was very dismayed when I first heard about this project. Of course, now I'm gonna have to watch the thing just because that creepy red V made me all nostalgic.

Oh and I always considered Juilet Parrish to be one of the greatest female characters ever written.
oooh creepy... can't wait
From the clips, it looks like Alan Tudyk only has a minor role in this. What a waste of talent...
Elizabeth Mitchell *and* Morena Baccarin - yay!
I hope this is Morena Baccarin's breakout role.

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