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May 19 2009

Chuck will be staying on Mondays at 8. But it won't be appearing until February. Click here to access the article if you live outside the US.

Expect more Subway product placement. ;)

Chuck was always on at 8, with Heroes at 9. It's Heroes that's moving timeslots, and then Chuck will come in in Feb after Heroes has completed its run.
Doh! You're right. I'm messed up because we always watched Big Bang/HIMYM at 8:00 and then DVR'd Chuck at 9:00 ;) I'll edit that.
I thought Heroes was picked up for at least 18 episodes. How would it already be finished with its run by February?

Also, too bad about Medium being cancelled. Wasn't it reported a couple weeks ago that they had renewed it? Guess they changed their mind at the last minute.

I have a feeling this Jay Leno thing is going to backfire big-time on NBC.

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9 months, that's one hell of a waiting
Looks like CBS may be picking up Medium. (Their studio produces it.)

That's good. No competition with DH, then!
So, Dollhouse is up against Southland and Ugly Betty? Is Flashpoint going to be renewed?
No one's said anything about Flashpoint yet. Chances are that it probably won't be renewed since everyone's talking about CBS picking up Medium and pairing it with Ghost Whisperer.
February? Cue me complaining.
February? I'll miss my Chuck! Although, hopefully a lot of people will miss it and tune in!
Steve-I heard NBC will be airing 19 consecutive episodes of Heroes. If so, they could finish the run and then have Chuck take over.
maz said...

9 months, that's one hell of a waiting

At least it's consistent. We had to wait that long for season 2.
SteveJ2008, If Heroes starts airing in either mid or late September they will finish by the end of January. Especially since NBC will do a couple of nights with Heroes on for two hours (like FOX does with 24 sometimes). Now that many shows start shooting in June (taking a month off over September) they will have enough episodes to start in September and not need reruns.

As for waiting until next February for CHUCK, I am bummed out, but that schedule worked for Medium for several years (which may gain another life on CBS), so I am trying to think positively. At least we get to see more CHUCK.
Well, goody goody gumdrops! That'll allow me to get up to speed, since I've never watched a single ep of Chuck. I hear it's good! *ducks*
Check renewed, no budget cuts after all, possibility (if not likelihood) of extending past the 13-episode order. But you have to wait until February. On balance, not much there to bitch about.
<> You don't support CHUCK? You are banished from Buymoria! Actually, it doesn't have be everybody's cup of tea, but I would encourage you to watch a couple of episodes just to see if you like it.

I always say to watch a couple of episodes because most people will watch the pilot of a show, when that is not always indicative of the series (so much exposition, so little time).
I've added a non-US link for those who can't access the US link. It doesn't much more exciting for me than this.
very sad about the medium news, this after they officially renewed it a few weeks ago. how does that happen?
Medium got picked up by CBS.

Chuck, I'm happy it's coming back... and I'm still predicting our TV will go more and more like the British style of programing - year round and shorter seasons.

We will start calling them "series 1..." and a series can have 3 episodes. :D
BrownCoat_Tabz, CBS has not announced it has picked up Medium yet. They are in talks last time I checked. Has that changed?
"possibility (if not likelihood) of extending past the 13-episode order"

How does a mid-season show have a chance of being extended? Or is the chance just for a 4th season?
I think CBS may still put Flashpoint someone, since like some of the other shows it has a short season. It would be odd for them to drop something that highly rated and cheap to acquire, since I think it's still in production for CTV.
I'm sad to have to wait so long for more Chuck, but SO relieved it's been renewed! I enjoyed the latter part of this season a lot.

And ... Flashpoint! I didn't even know it was in danger. I love that show. *crosses fingers for another renewal*

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