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May 20 2009

Today's Best TV Villains - Who's Your Favorite? Alpha makes the list. "Now that 'Dollhouse' was picked up, Alpha's story is hopefully far from over..."

FWIW, this link was tweeted by @FoxBroadcasting earlier today. (As for me, sorry, but Ben Linus gets my vote, as he's one of the greatest television characters ever.)
Not in the list, but I have to say my favorite villain by far is Scorpius from Farscape. Here was a villain that regularly legitimately out smarted the heroes. His presence in any scene was riveting. Quite a scary performance, especially under so much make-up.

I hope we get a lot more of Alpha in season 2 (and 3... and 4...)
I'm really glad they didn't kill Alpha off in 'Omega'. This way they can bring him back whenever they feel like it (much like when they put Faith in a coma)
In the company of Michael C. Hall's Dexter .... can't beat that.

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