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September 19 2003

Firefly once again available for pre-order at Amazon. Got my e-mail today! Let's see how fast we can make them sell out this time!!

It says full screen format? Is that how it was shown to us originally?
According to it's in wide screen.

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On Fox, "The Train Job" was aired in widescreen, and then all subsequent episodes were full screen. All I know is that the DVD set better be widescreen, or else. [shakes fist theateningly]
So how do we find out what is official? I hope that the information is incorrect. Wow, this will be my first TV show on DVD -- I am so excited.
In an interview (can't remember which one), Joss stated that it will be distributed in it's intended format, widescreen. Even though it wasn't broadcast in that format, since the network refused.
It's currently the top selling DVD on Amazon!
Buffy Season 5 is currently #2.
boo.. it's not on yet :(
It will return to soon. I preordered it when it first appeared on, which was shortly after it appeared on, and my order is still waiting on that item. The only thing is that it's not a link.

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