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May 19 2009

Eliza to bust ghosts? Dan Akroyd sure hopes so, as Ghostbusters 3 casting ramps up.

No idea how much weight his opinion will carry in the end, but his support certainly can't hurt. His thoughts appear mid-way down the article over at AICN.

EDIT: Now direct links to LA Times article...

Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku together in the same film would freaking *combust*. Good choices, Dan.
Well, his idea *should* carry weight--Ghostbusters is his baby, after all.

Very much looking forward to the game, in the meantime. The original four, and I get to bust ghosts with 'em? Hells yes.
I would love to see Eliza as a Ghostbuster, but I think Alyson Hannigan would be as good as a choice for a Ghostbuster.

Hopefully, the movie does happen. Cause that would rock.
When they say it will begin shooting "this winter"...

'Cos if Dollhouse gets the back nine then Eliza might be a tad busy.
Ackroyd wants to start this winter, but things can change and it doesn't me it will. So, holding out hope, (if she wants to do it), that she can do both.
If Dollhouse is immediately extended to the full year then maybe Joss can put Echo into a comma while Eliza makes Ghostbusters. It's not like we would stop watching if the show revolved around Victor and Sierra for a while!
embers... how about a trip to, and exciting rescue from, The Attic?

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Nathan Fillion should be a new Ghostbuster ! :D But I wonder if he's older than what they have in mind for the new team. :\ And, yeah, Castle. But.. I dunno. I just get a big grin on my face picturing him as a Ghostbuster.
Alexis Denisoff should be worked in somehow. I want more Alexis Denisoff.
Ok, so....Nathan, Alexis, Eliza and Alyson hunting ghosts, with Anthony Head as their mentor with a dark, secret past.

Call it...Ripper and get that Joss fella to write & direct it.

And get that chap who did the LotR movies, what's his name...Howard Shore to make the music.
Ghost-rumor-buster in a big way ... it's nuthin' I know of.

Ghostbusters 3? Ghostbusters 1 and 2 were a generation ago! (That really makes me feel old...) Isn't it time for a remake - or reboot, if you will?
I think that's the point of passing on the torch to a younger generation. Ghostbusters - in regards to the film franchise exclusively - isn't bogged down with years of continuity that need to be wiped clean. There's about 3 hours of material in total that they need to stay true to. Perhaps a bit more if the crew decide to use the upcoming game's plot as a part of cinematic continuity.
If they could work the schedule out with Dollhouse, I'd love to see Eliza do it. Also, am I the only one who thinks Neil Patrick Harris as a Ghostbuster would be legendary?

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Milano also debunked this rumor on twitter. I think there is absolutely no there there.
Yet. Now that the idea of her being considered is out there, maybe things will start to coalesce. Starring in a major film like this would be a wise career move.

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Eliza knows you can't fight a ghost.
the story never intimates discussions involving either actress, just a from the horse's mouth wish from Dan.

there is no rumor to debunk.
Here is the story from the LA Times, referenced in the AICN blurb

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Personally, I would love, love, LOVE to see Seth Green and Breckin Meyer as Ghostbusters. You just know they're hardcore fans. :)
Eliza also tweets she knows nothing about this
As hiddenicon says, this seems to be Dan Ackroyd throwing out a wish list, not saying that they are scheduled to be in it. Maybe he just wants to see how people react. We throw out wish lists all the time (see above...and almost every other thread) I don't see why he shouldn't get to do the same for his own movie.

Seth Green would be a good choice for a ghostbusters movie.
Interestingly, the Ghostbusters concept is something that Aykroyd and Belushi were working on together, if I recall rightly. When Belushi suddenly died, that's when Bill Murray came on board. So, yes, Dan's opinion carries mucho weight.

(I used to be a tremendous Aykroyd geek in high school.)

His surname's spelled wrong in the link description, btw. :)
Eliza tweets:
"Ahh, just saw the article, Danny A's genius! There are so many ways I'd 'suit' up. GB's IS hot :)
36 minutes ago from txt"
Edit so as to not repeat what QingTing said.

Seth Green would be awesome, as would Eliza.

I'd have to throw out a Jim Parsons to be part of the new team. He'd be hilarious in an Egon-type role.

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Wait, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky are doing this? I love them on The Office!
From Echo to Ecto?

"Ahh, just saw the article, Danny A's genius! There are so many ways I'd 'suit' up. GB's IS hot :)" - @ElizaPatricia

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