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May 20 2009

These Are the Worst TV Dramas, Ever? The ultra-short-lived crime musical "Viva Laughlin" co-starring our favorite ex-Sunnydayle High principal D.B. Woodside makes TV Crunch's list of the twenty five worst television drama series to ever make it onto the small screen.

Wow, pretty bold to put the O.C. on there. I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who noticed that it was faaaaaaaaar too dramatic and not very well acted. The only good thing that came off being forced to watch this first by my girlfriend and later by my sister that the show was occasionally pretty funny. But didn't that Seth kid kinda seem like a Xander rip-off. I think a big part of that show was influenced by Buffy and it's wit.
Harry J. Lennix' "Commander in Chief" is also up there. Did it really suck that much?
Clicked on this link hoping and expecting One Tree Hill to be on it. Not disappointing.
Beauty and the Beast and Fantasy Island? That list is dead to me! Dead!

I also kinda liked Baywatch Nights. Sort of a tacky X-Files.

I had to watch the OC in the lunch room a few times. That was terrible.
Oh come on the OC doesn't belong on that list - it wasn't great but from what I saw it could be quite fun and sometimes funny. Plus I was a little bit in love with the black-haired girl (Summer?)
Yeah, I don't think the OC should be on there either. Admittedly I gave up during season 3, but the first season was very good (and yes....I had a thing for Summer too....oooh, just remembered her in the Wonder Woman outfit! :)
Not a T.V. drama series, but...

If you're talking about the worst television ever, you have to take a barb at the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. No 'worst of' list is complete without it.

It is quite popularly referred to the worst thing that has ever been broadcast in the history of television. It really is that bad. ...And yet, I still find it more entertaining than the prequels in all it's Wookiee porn, Bea Arthur and acrobatic badness.

It's right next to the worst of Turkish cinema (look up "Turkish Star Wars"--stolen footage, rocks and trampolines!), Eegah! (it must be seen to be believed), Ed Wood films (though quite charming in comparison), etc...

As for television... Well, I'm certainly unlikely to defend any vapid chickflick, reality show or rich, scheming business people soap (why on Earth are those popular?).

Those immediately get nominated to my list of 'worst television ever'.

Let's put it this way... I'd rather watch the SW Holiday Special over chickflicks, reality shows and soaps.
So, eh? They put One Tree Hill on and leave both Melrose and Beverly Hills off the list. OTH isn't that good anymore, but that is because it's not really re-doing anything like other teen-dramas would. It's just relaxing and people tune in to see their happy lives after their High School Is Hell moments.

Also, The OC, What the frak?
Seasons 2 & 3 of The OC were bad, but 1 & 4 were excellent. Plus Benjamin McKenzie had plenty of substance, or else I wouldn't have tortured myself during the crap times. ;)

Thankfully I haven't heard of 14 of those shows.
The title really oversells the content. They have very meek criticism of popular shows like Dr. Quinn and 7th Heaven, The OC isn't bad by any objective standard, and a lot of the shows are those cancelled from the last few years.

Big Shots was just kind of mediocre. Head Cases was pretty decent. There's no mention of Supertrain, a show so disastrous it almost bankrupted NBC, or of My Mother the Car, a show widely hailed as the worst of all time. It's about a man who buys an antique car only to discover that it's the reincarnation of his deceased mother.
Aw, I also love The OC. The following seasons never really managed to deliver on the promise of S1, but I still enjoyed S2 and S4 is non-stop hilariousness. Sadly S3 is painfully weak. I'd grudgingly agree that some of the cast weren't the best actors *cough*Mischa*cough* but...Peter Gallagher! Melinda Clarke! Tate Donovan! Benjamin McKenzie! Adam Brody! And Rachel Bilson has some great comic timing.

I also like Dr Quinn Medicine Woman! Though they probably made the fatal mistake of having the two leads get together too soon.

I also watched Six Degrees, it was passable.

Now obviously I'm biased but of the three shows on the list that I've watched but I don't think they deserve to be on the list. The selection process seems pretty random.

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I agree with those saying that seasons 1 & 4 of The OC were enough to save the show from lists like this. I feel that the reason it went so completely off the rails in 2 & 3 was the shift of focus to all Misha Barton all the time - the show was always better when she was nowhere to be found. Unfairly harsh criticism of Rachel Bilson, too.

Also, there's some fantastic actors in there. When bad shows happen to good people indeed.
pacific blue was my favourite show of that list.

So bad it was good.
actually so bad it was terrible. But the last 2 seasons were comic gold. lol
Gonnas; My Mother the Car was s itcom, not a drama show. I know, I watched it regualrly, for as long as it lasted.

Having read the list: finally somebody whor epeats Tatoo's catchphrase as it really was. Thank Gosh for small favors. And yes, Fantasy Island was usually shallow; hey we're talking ABC in the late 70s & early 80s here. Every big show they had was like that; people wanted that. And FI (unlike Love Boat or the 6 Million Dollar Rip-off) had a fairly consistent solid minority of meaty stories in a season.

Beauty and the beast I think this does get a bit of a free ride with critics and fans because hey it was an intensely Romantic show in a day when that wasn't a big thing, but that *is* a legit good and most episodes were well-written. It mainly suffered because outright fantasy shows weren't marketable then so they had to rein it in. Many of the episodes worked but others would have been better served as outright genre stuff.
The producers were less than swift. When Linda Hamilton left the show, professioanl consultants told them audiences don't like seeing late-term pregnant women tortured then murdered, but they went ahead with it.
But hey, what kind of comment is "They couldn't find a better beauty than Linda Hamilton?" Okay, I know not everyone shares my own tastes (I thought the hottest actresses in the Buffyverse were Amber and Mercedes and Bianca) but still that's a rather silly dis to state.

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