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May 20 2009

Dollhouse UK Premiere Ratings. Digital Spy has the scoop on the audience viewership for "Ghost".

Tee hee - Dollhouse beat Sky One. Me likey.
I'd say this was a solid start to the show.
Doesn't seem too bad for a small cable channel. Goes to show it could probably find an audience on terrestrial.
Ooo, thats a lot better than I expected.

Hopefully enough people will stick around to reach episode 6. Not that the people I know have any choice.
That is a nice start, although about half of what Heroes managed to pull in the same timeslot a few years back - Think it would have done better on Sky One as a lead in to Bones.
As a UK fan, I should point out that I used US iTunes vouchers to legally buy the episodes(in HD)as they aired in the states, have pre-ordered the first season blu-ray (region-free), and have Sky+ / series linked the entire run on Sci-fi. Not that I'm invested in this show at all...
Thanks for that Wil - I was wondering how it stacked up against the figures for Heroes. Humm..not as well as I had hoped!
I think Heroes was helped by someone 'lubricating' Chris Moyles with pre-air episodes. Nothing helps you viewership figures like having a BBC breakfast DJ giving you a push.
Ahhh, didn't know tnat Wil!
Heroes also a had a lot of promotion everywhere, though. Loads of articles in magazines.

Basically, if LOST was new again - That was the buzz it had.

How's the Sci-Fi Dollhouse ratings compared to the Knight Rider TV-Movie pilot last week?
Slightly down I think Jayne. Although, what Dollhouse did for the Scifi channel was a 331% uplift for that slot. That has to make them happy!
Not bad for a show they only got as an extra for renewing their Angel rereun rights.
Where was that said?
Hmm, pretty sure gossi posted it at some point but no doubt he'll come online now and say that I just dreamt it.
So you're saying that you dream of gossi.
Yessss!!! Glad it beat Sky One, although I would love to have Dollhouse on Sky One. Both channels appreciate Joss.

I had to watch it an hour later since I was revising for an exam.
Btw, I blame Dollhouse for me screwing up on an incredibly easy question in my Maths exam on Monday, it stared off as:
'There are 40 litres of water in a barrel...'. All I could hear was Olivia William's voice saying that over and over. Then I had 'there are three flowers in a vase' playing over and over in my head! Grrr!
Are you judging b!x? ;)
So you're saying that you dream of gossi.

Don't we all? I thought that was a thing.

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