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May 20 2009

First movie tie-in for 'The Cabin in The Woods'. Titan Books will be bringing out 'The Official Visual Companion' on February 9th of next year.

There's also a cheaper paperback version as well. The Firefly and Serenity tie-ins were very good so hopefully this will maintain the standard.

I really liked the Firefly and Serenity versions. I hope this one will also include the script.
Woah, that's soon - so when does the movie come out? This year? Early next?
Juicy! I'll definitely be pre-ordering one of those.
I really hope this movie does well at the box office.
Does anyone know the budget of the movie?
IMDB lists it as $30 million, but it's IMDB so take that with a grain of salt. Seems like a lot to me, but some of my favorite horror movies were made with whatever change the producer found in his couch (I seem to recall the first Hellraiser being done for less than 1 million).
The movie comes out four days before this book.
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The pages are no longer there on but do remain on so I've changed the links.

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