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May 20 2009

(SPOILER) Trailer for Morena Baccarin's and Alan Tudyk's new series "V". There is also a trailer for Amy Acker's "Happy Town" here .

But there are only a few short shots of her smiling and hugging people.

I say it first: "Happy Town" looks insufferable. But if Amy's part on the show is as small as the trailer suggests, it might make it easier to make scheduling work out and squeeze her into the next season of Dollhouse.
The new hairdo is really not pretty. Shameful uglification.
"V" looks pretty good. Morena looks great as an alien.
Happy Town looks just awful, I can't believe that was picked up. Hopefully it'll die quick and Amy can return to dollhouse fulltime.
Here are two clips from the series with Morena being all ominous :)
The preview clip from Happy Town they had at the Live Feed yesterday was the scene with the sheriff cutting off his hand - looked a lot better than what the trailer would suggest.
V looks like it could be pretty decent - I'll definitely give it a shot. Happytown looks pretty bad (despite the gorgeous lead actress). It looks as if Amy Acker's hardly in it ... so hopefully she'll be in DH season 2 a fair bit
I disagree. Happy Town looks pretty good.
Yeah, I'm not judging HT by the trailer. The voiceover guy ruins my impression, so that's not fair to the show itself.
really, bad karma? i think she looks adorable in the pixie cut.
"V" looks like it could be a great show - not sure about "Happy Town". Also, disappointed for Amy Acker because she seemed to be barely in any of the scenes.

As for Morena's hair, I think she's beautiful no matter what. I think the hair fits the role and I actually like it.
Morena's had short (and really short!) hair for, well, I'd say at least a year and a half now. Originally for a role but I guess she likes it enough to keep it that way - I think the whole room at the convention she was appearing at gasped when she walked out on stage but as Firefly Fantatic says, someone that beautiful is going to look great whatever. Either way, am looking forward to V.

I was excited to read about Happytown because it has a great cast attached to it. From the trailer - it will either be utterly engrossing or utter, seen it all before, nonsense. I know Amy only appeared fleetingly in the trailer, but don't take that to read she only has a small part. Dean Winters (30 Rock/Sarah Connor Chronicles) appeared for a similarly short period of time in the trailer yet I'd expect him to have a fairly decent part. Pure speculation of course.
i'm with the "eh" contingent on 'happy town,' but it also reads a little like a less apocalyptic 'jericho,' which could be very interesting, or for that matter, as alluded to in the trailer, a sort of 'twin peaks' vibe to it. i'll probably tune in to it and give it at least an episode or two, since i am a huge fan of dean winters from his run on 'oz' and my undying crush on amy. plus i'd watch sam neill read the phone book.

as for V, i am very very excited. i feel kind of old saying this, and im only 28, but i remember when the first V came out, and i can't remember whether i saw it air live or whether it was rocking the beta player, but the entire premise is fascinating. furthermore the cast is unbelievable. i was even pleased to see scott wolf from party of five (who has been seriously working on his acting chops... he did a run a couple years back on broadway in frank mcguinness' amazing 'observe the sons of ulster marching towards the somme.'). the only disappointing part for me is that it looks, and of course, trailers can be deceiving, that alan was only in the trailer for a single scene as an fbi agent, where i had to rewind and look again he was on the screen that briefly.
I think both shows look good.

I'm actually more excited for Happy Town. It looks derivative, sure, but stylish and fun, and I like Lauren German, the lead, a lot. And I'm just a sucker for murder and mystery in a small town, no matter how many times it's done.
I think Morena looks fantastic, but then she always does. As an avid watcher of the original mini and then series as a youngster, I can't wait to check out this new Zoic-rendered vision of V :).
I for one mourn Morena's hair. Lets just say that as a guy with his hair down 3/4s of his back, I like women with long hair too. But still, she is of course still pretty, she just would be prettier with hair. And yeah, I saw her with that hair a while ago in Numb3rs. Shame she didn't grow it out since then.
I will certainly watch V, looks interesting. Not a huge fan of Juliet (edited out for the people who aren't as obsessive as I am regarding Lost), but the concept looks cool, and of course it has Morena and Alan (wish it showed him, though).

Not really liking Happy Town. I didn't see Amy, and the whole thing... ok, so there's a murder in this obnoxious place... what happens in the next season? And the one after? And why would anyone ever choose to live in such an freaky, friendly place? :shudders: I'll give it one episode for Amy, then I think I'm done. Of course it also depends on when its airing, and how well it fits in with my existing schedule...

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We're still talking about Morena's hair ? Really guys ? This is turning into the constant pecking/obsessions over SMG and Jewel Staite's weight drops. Come on.

SteppeMerc, Lost is a heavily DVD'd show, might wanna respect the fact that not everyone has seen Season 5 yet.

[ edited by Kris on 2009-05-20 20:01 ]
Kris, its the first time I've talked about it, and I think its a legitimate point of discussion, far more so than weight discussions. Sure we ain't gonna get to far with it, just thumbs up or down (or sideways), but there are worse things to talk about, I think.
Both "V" & "Happy Town" interest me, but unfortunately the trailers don't do much to support that interest.

"V" was better in delivering the "oh, I'm going to watch that" vibe. "Happy Town"... not so much (even though I'll probably love it).

Anyone remember the trailers for "Dollhouse"? Also not as exciting, but that doesn't remark on the show itself at all. :)
V looks fantastic. Can't wait! :)

Happy Town? Twin Peaks crossed with Point Horror with all the good sucked out.
I am actually intrigued by Happy Town. I think the voiceover was deliberately over-dramatic, kind of parodying the normal ominous movie trailer narration. The idea of an idyllic town with a dark secret lurking beneath the surface is far from original (from most horror films to almost any Stephen King novel through to a Stepford Wives and even Buffy), but it looks like a potentially interesting mix which could be great if there is a compelling mystery and plot to back it up. I think its success might depend on whether they can strike the right tone between undercutting our expectations of American town life with humour and providing a genuinely gripping mystery. I was cautiously intrigued.

I can't seem to get the trailer for V to work, unfortuanately, but I did read a review of the pilot and again I'm cautiously optimistic. It doesn't sound terribly original (even though it is based on an old series), from Invasion of the Body Snatchers through to The 4400 (which it has a few cast/crew connections with). I think the idea of alien invasion is one that will always be popular but it just depends how the story is handled and what new ideas are brought to the table. It could easily fall into the trap of a stereotypical story with underdeveloped and boring characters who exist solely to serve the plot, or perhaps have enough real content there to make it a satisfying fusion of The 4400 and Battlestar Galactica. The presence of Morena and Joel Gretsch would certainly make me hope for the latter.
I wanna re-watch the original "V" - both the two minis and the one season. Anyone know where I can get them?
That was amazing.
I think both look great.
lottalettuce: the entire V series, including both minis are available on iTunes. just search "V" and then refine the search parameters to TV shows. Hope it helps!
I think the Happy Town trailer does it no favours. If you can see past the cheesy editing, V/O and music, the show actually looks pretty good. I think the weirder they make it, the better.

V is...I dunno. Right now, it looks pretty by-the-numbers to me. I hope they take us places we don't expect.

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comment re 'V' moved to more relevant thread

[ edited by peacemonger on 2009-05-21 02:36 ] length/style or weight loss/gain are definitely shallow things to focus on when it comes to our favourite Whedonverse thespians, but it's sadly no different than the obsessions with celebrities' habits and actions. Noted this before, but I was off-put by Morena's shorter hair at first but it's - pardon the pun - growing on me. It's her body, her choice and my personal feelings agreeing with SteppenMerc's are of course subjective. I think, for me personally, it was because I had only ever seen Morena with her long hair and the pixie cut was a drastic change from my mental perceptions...just as much SMG or Jewel losing weight for roles or for health reasons forced careful looks at how I perceived things about either Mrs. Prinze or Ms. Staite. I wait to be impressed by at least Morena's ability to shine regardless of appearance.

And on the Happytown trailer...I have to agree the construction of the trailer didn't help it much. The conflict between the initial positive imagery and the Dramatic Tension(TM) voice over definitely leaves the viewer confused as to the classification of this show. Plus there was too little Amy :(

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