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May 20 2009

Thank Goodness It's Not 2005. This Variety article cites Dollhouse as an example of the shrinking broadcast-cable divide saying that with the show's ratings, a renewal would have been unthinkable as recently as four years ago.

(P.S. Variety, there is more to the show than being an 'Eliza Dushku leer-fest')

This article is just comparing broadcast to cable, it doesn't even mention the internet and dvr which is the real impact on ratings.
Don't want to go after the writer, but his review of Dollhouse when it premiered also seemed unnaturally fixated on Eliza, as well as being extremely harsh. That was the review where he insinuated Eliza would only be used for sex assignments and that she "does wonders to a tank top."

Between that pan and his pan of the brilliant Australian show Summer Heights High, I don't trust his critical opinion too much.
That's right. It is also a Miracle Laurie leer-fest.
I cannot abide anyone who maligns Summer Heights High, however much I may be leering at the Dollhouse ensemble.
I seem to recall a lot of fan squeeing over shirtless Tahmoh. People do watch the show for different reasons.
shirtless Tahmoh...I leered :)
I didn't. Paul's too angry to be sexay. :)
Can we also take a moment to revel in the sexy of Amy Acker? I mean, sure, it was mainly in the finale, but it still deserves mention.
Um, Enver Gjokaj, anyone?
Aren't there other channels / shows that specialize in that sort of satisfaction ?
There is a difference between folks reveling in both Tahmoh & Eliza's obvious sexiness - and Lowry's referring to Dollhouse as the "Eliza Dushku leer-fest."

Do remember - as bonzob alludes to above - this is the same writer who likened Eliza's character to a human blow-up doll (though if he had handled it differently, i.e., with any sensitivity, there might have been some justice in that remark) and referred to her pulchritude as her "most formidable assets".

He didn't particularly like or get the show & he was pretty harsh about Eliza - so his use of leer-fest doesn't take place in a vacuum, but in the context of of his earlier, somewhat nasty remarks.

He's not just squeeing about her sexy beauty - as folks have done about many of the Dollhouse lovelies, nor is he dealing with her beauty in terms of the subject matter and the essence of the show - he's just being insulting.

Meh. He's not on my list of best reviewers ever. And Summer Heights High was brill.
This person is insulting, ignorant, and obviously has no taste in television, nor any knowledge of the modern world. Cable? Um, hello, there is a magical new device known as the 'interweb' that you can watch things on, and download things from.


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