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May 20 2009

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson talks Buffy Season 8. She tells Comic Book Resources about her upcoming arc and there's some preview art from #26 as well.

im very excited for this story
Oz: Still great. Warren: still gross.
Jane writes, happiness ensues.
Why would you refer to Doublemeat Palace as an example of good comedy. Especially when she has written gems like Band Candy.
On another note: this'll be great.
PHM, I thought the same thing. Doublemeat Palace over Storyteller or Band Candy? Madness!
How about Earshot:

You had sex with Giles?
You had sex with Giles!
On the hood of a police car!!
I came to post about the DoubleMeat reference, but you've already beaten me to it. It does seem like an odd example of comedic gold. I love just about all of her OTHER episodes.
Im very much looking forward to Willow and Oz reuniting in any capacity, mostly because Im reminded of that exchange from New Moon Rising.

I feel like some part of me will always be waiting for you. Like if Im old and blue-haired, and I turn the corner in Istanbul, and there you are, I wont be surprised... because youre with me, you know?
Closer and closer to turning away from this series..... "built something real in tibet" plus those hints of a brief visit to Heaven, just twisting too far out of shape for me to grasp any longer.

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Wow. Jeanty's art in the "Predators and Prey" arc left a lot to be desired, but DAMN those are two fantastic panels. Insane Oz likeness, and the detail on Warren is actually scary. I wonder if they've got a new colorist, because he looks a lot less cartoony than he did last time we saw him. Excited.
The last time we saw Warren, he was drawn by Moline, whose style is definitely more cartoony than Jeanty's. Jeanty's Warren was quite detailed when he appeared in "TLWH".
But I agree that the Oz likeness is quite remarkable...
"built something real in tibet" plus those hints of a brief visit to Heaven, just twisting too far out of shape for me to grasp any longer

I'm not sure why it's "twisting out of shape" to imagine that after Willow turned him down, Oz would return to Tibet - the place where he first learned to control the wolf inside him?

"So Tibet was your favorite?"
"Well, it's where I stayed the longest. This warlock in Romania sent me to the monks there to learn some meditation techniques. Very intense. All about keeping your inner cool."

Considering he learned in NMR that he couldn't control the wolf as well as he thought he could, it seems entirely plausible that he'd go back to Tibet for more lessons.

And I don't know where you get the 'Heaven' reference from at all. Splainy?
Wexi: Nah, I was still referring to Jeanty's Warren, specifically from #4. He was detailed in the reveal of #3, but still kinda cartoony. This just looks really gritty and scary. In the good way.
Ozzy goodness is always welcomed. Quick question for those who know more than I do. I just recently got issue # 25, because my nearby comics store closed down, so it takes me longer to get 'em these days. At any rate, because of that, I've been sort of ignoring the comics threads, so I don't know if this has already been addressed. At the end of the issue, it mentions Tales of the Vampires, but it seemed to me that that wasn't part of Buffy. However, this article's mentioning of it makes me wonder if it is. Basically, I'm asking, since I'm not a comics guy, but I am a Buffy guy, should I buy Tales of the Vampires because it is set in the Buffy-verse, or is it not so I shouldn't? Thanks.
XanMan, this upcoming issue looks at how Season 8 events have affected vampires. From the description of it, it seems unlikely that its events will directly affect the main storyline of Season 8, but it is definitely a Season 8 story. If that makes sense. I think you might be able to skip it without wondering what you missed later, but I think it would probably add more depth to the whole "vampires are cool now and Buffy's on defense" thing.
stormwreath; Well, it's just a personal take. I wouldn't imagien Oz being up there permanently, I figured he'd wanna get abck to the music, etcetera. Which is hypocrtical; he's a very young man and gosh knows *I* tend to take long holding patterns in my life.

As to the heaven reference I cna't inviso-text so I'll make spoiler warning:

Some fans claim to have seen an illustration from a possible future issue with a scene in the afetrlife of Joyce baking cookies for Anya, and Tara and Jennie talkign "witch-shop."
Check out that Jeanty cover: not just Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn, Andrew, Leah and Rowena (expected), but Giles, Faith and Satsu too! I wonder if they'll be involved in this arc, or if it's just meant as a summary of who the "good guys" are at this point of time. (Not sure who the other girl is, below Rowena at the right--another Slayer I assume? (ETA: Kennedy maybe?) I'm still going to pick up the Chen cover because, wow. But interesting.

DaddyCat: That does sound kind of dumb, but it might be a joke/publicity photo? Or another dream ala "After These Messages."

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DaddyCatALSO, I wouldn't worry about that over much. Consider the crazy fantasy pages in Better Days when the Serenity crew are fantasizing about what they'd do with their money. If you were to just read that page out of context, it'd sound crazy.
Hrm, I missed the covers first time around but they're both neat. I'm just thrown a little bit by the character on Chen's cover who's between Willow and probably Twilight... I can't quite tell if it'd be Xander, Andrew or a new character/someone else? I'm inclined to guess Andrew despite the hairstyle being very different from any other portrayal of him, but I'm thrown by the kinda cloudy eyes staring into the middle distance (especially compared to the other characters) and what I think seems to be a facial scar.

Any case, it's neat getting to see Jane play around with such a major plot point kinda story again though! Normally she mostly did the best humorous episodes that weren't necessarily vital for the plot scheme of things as I recall, but it could be cool that she not only gets the return of a major beloved character to pop by but setting up the big hero reunion again like towards the end of season seven.
WilliamtheB: Given that nobody has been able to actually link me to that pic, even tho I've asked, I'm inclined to agree with you.

Emmie; I'll take that at face value. It's a literary reference with which I'm unfamiliar, like Anya and Dr Seuss :-).
Sunfire - Thanks. I will now get it, as it seems that it is actually set in Season 8. Even if it doesn't have any of the main characters, I'm interested in all that is this season, so I just wanted to make sure it wasn't just some random vampire story, but rather a random vampire story set in the Buffyverse. I guess what threw me is that last issue was # 25, and the July issue is # 26, so I didn't know what this one was. Thanks, though.

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