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May 20 2009

(SPOILER) New Fallen Angel: Reborn #1 preview. Chris Ryall posts a 6-page, lettered preview on his blog. Includes artwork not seen in earlier preview.

WOW. That is dazzling art. And the writing is spot-on; so much power packed into those few pages. Welcome back majestic Illyria.
im diggin the illyria story... dont kno much about this fallen angel buissness but im defenitly goin to be checkin this out
Fan-freaking-tastic. Love how Peter David explains Illyria's weird attraction to plants with such emotion.

But I have to note that Illyria was gender neutral, not a female goddess. Illyria was a genderless pure demon with god-like powers (and not exactly a god either), though referenced as a "god king".

Also... Illyria has gone from being drawn with one blue eye to two red eyes.

Still brilliant and the art is amazing! I just have to mentally scrub out all the "goddess" references.

And hey, we have our first attempt at what Illyria's origin story might have been!

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The art is fantastic! Love the way it's written too - I can just hear Amy Acker saying that.
Are you sure about the neutral gender NileQT87?
I allways wondered "she" was male (since the "god King", and we had a previously female goddes - Harmony). This, of course, could put a rest on Wesley's any thoughts about his orientation ;)

Off topic: Do you still have that yours Buffy chronology works? I lost my copy and can't find it more.

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