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May 20 2009

(SPOILER) Televisionary Reviews the V Pilot. Jace at Televisionary has seen the V pilot and devotes a full paragraph to praise of Morena's performance.

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HUGE HUGE spoilers!

The bit about Morena is 4th from last paragraph.

Also, that is a terrible pilot promo trailer. If they use that as a tv trailer, they will be unneccesarily giving away a Huge plot line.
I don't remember the original enough to know, but are these spoilers even if you're familiar with the original, or is it, essentially, stuff you'd already know from the original?
While I'm glad to hear good news about Whedon alumni--is it bad that I'm also looking forward to seeing Elizabeth Mitchell? After seeing her lost on Lost so recently. With such a fine new partner!

(And what's this about Paul Gross in Eastwick? No Whedon connection at all, but he's an old favorite.)
Well, I remember the original, and it wouldn't be hard to imply the Visitors from the 1980's version hid on Earth for 25 years, caused all the problems around the world, and revived their new and improved "Hi, we're here to help you, trust us" pitch. Throw in Morena as the Oprah/Katie Couric hybrid leading the Visitors, and an expertise in human nature, and you have the perfect update to the original "V".
I'm not a fan of the 80's V, but watching the clips I did like the eerie creepy vibe they were trying to infuse in the viewer, letting you know (as if you had any doubts), these Visitors are bad people.

Morena just seems perfect for the role. The subtle arrogance and high-horse looks and speech, pulled off rather easily. It would be wonderful if her character was like that throught a potential series, even professing innocents to the very end and trying to talk the good guys into her people being innocent -- just because she believes she can.

Who did the scoring? There's obviously music, though it sounds like synth droining (making me worry about the scoring).
Pardon my wet blanket (skip ahead) but I didn't enjoy 'V' the first time around. And I am similarly unable to muster any enthusiasm for the upcoming remake, despite featuring these two actors whose careers I prefer to follow closely.

I would so much more be interested in scripted entertainment featuring an extraterrestrial cultural exchange that didn't have to revolve around seduction and betrayal by what seem to be beneficent space cousins who turn out to be con artists or worse.

Wake me when 'V' is on DVD and tell me if it's worth the rainy weekend binge.
I didn't know Scott Peters was involved, loved the 4400 - I kind of enjoyed the dodgy 80s original. Wonder when we'll see this in the UK?
I'm beginning to think Morena's casting might have something to do with her time on Stargate, where she played a similarly sinister character. This role promises to be far less cheesy, however, which I know is a weird thing to say given the cheese factor of the original.

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