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May 20 2009

Joss'd interviews Buffy cover artist Jo Chen. She's at 52:25 of the podcast's current episode.

A while back I sent Jo an email asking if I can have one of her painting (yes, I asked if I could purchase it) and she responded like 2 minutes later with a nice little note.

Such a nice person.
Did you get to purchase it?
Ohhhh, finally confirmation that Jo Chen is a Spike fan! I kinda love her. Can't wait to see her rendition of him (and Angel, actually), when the time comes.

Also admire how forthright and aware of the fanbase she seems to be. :)
I also emailed her pretty much just complimenting her on her work and asking if she was going to be at Comic Con and she had such a kind response. I'm definitely a fan.
Special thanks to Dave who got the interview for us.... and yes, Jo Chen is a goddess in soooo many ways. She was very sweet to do the interview!

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