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May 20 2009

Christian Kane's band will be performing at Dante's in Portland. Sunday June 7, 2009 at 9 PM.

I might see about grabbing some PDX Browncoats and heading over to see this (there may even be live tweets involved). Maybe this make up for me missing the exploding car during the filming of Leverage.

I'm serious about the live tweets. I've never done that for an event, and this might be the first time for @pdxbrowncoats. I just have to hope Dante's has wi-fi.
Whaaaat? He's playing at the Sinferno Cabaret? I was there a few years ago, and all I remember is naked fire dancers and a pair of identical twin strippers in Nazi gear with prosthetic, uh... members filled with silly string. I can't see how they're going to fit Christian Kane into that.
I live in Portland. I really wanna check this out. Hope I can get work off.
"Kane" band members Steve Carlson & Jason Southard are supposed to appear with him on the 7th. Christian is also scheduled for Sunday, June 28th.

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