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May 20 2009

Maurissa Tancharoen Turns in her Drop Dead Diva Script. Maurissa tweeted earlier that she has completed her script for the series Drop Dead Diva. Sean Maher appeared in the pilot, for Lifetime, which stars Margaret Cho.

The title of Drop Dead Diva, a series due July 12 (Lifetime, 9 p.m. ET/PT), sets up its premise: Vapid blond model Deb (Brooke D'Orsay) is killed in a car accident but returns to life in the body of smart, plus-size attorney Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliott).

gossi - after that 'Gears of Whedonesque' tweet, how could I not post this? :)

Hrm, this could be sorta bemusing (even if Lifetime is sorta an immediate strike against it) but I do really wonder the logistics of this premise.

It's a bit weird they'd be putting the personality of a vapid blonde into the body of a lawyer that will hypothetically continue doing the same job? That sort of suggests that either intelligence is a physical condition separate from the soul, or that anyone could be a lawyer, including lay folk. Or is this a secret Dollhouse spinoff and Jane is simply imprinted?

I guess it could be good this network is finally branching away into more high concept fare rather than "A Dog Took My Face, and Gave me a Better Face-- to Change the World: the Celeste Cunningham Story"
Lifetime has been running some interesting summer series for a couple years now. I enjoy Army Wives every year and will definitely be checking this out.

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