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"I'm not fooling. He's not kidding. We’re not bluffing! I'm bluffing. But the rest of us. We mean business."
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May 20 2009

Green tips from Christian Kane. He's in a video at Mother Nature Network.

"If you litter..."

I couldn't make out the rest of what he said.

And yeah, a lotta folks still haven't been made aware that appliances/devices in your home are drawing power even when they're turned off. Your TV and DVD player keep slurping up power so that they can be turned on quickly when you hit "on". Not real practical to unplug and re-plug the TV all the time, but you could use a power bar. The DVD player I unplug just because it doesn't get used often enough to justify keepig it plugged (and it's a crappy brand and it for some reason makes a high-pitched noise when it's off but still plugged, really annoying). Cell phone charger, extra phones in the on your energy bill, unplug 'em.
Oops, I didn't quite hear the rest of the tip either *sighs*..
But, bravo Christian for doing this!!
It was "If you litter .... I'm comin' after you".

One more reason to love CK, as if I needed more. Can't wait for the return of Leverage.
Did you guys see the pics from TNT's upfront yesterday?
I thought he wants us not to litter, saying he would come after you sounds like an encouragement.


On second thought, I have seen Christian pissed off and I would want him coming after me in that mood.
Was there a missing word there, Raven? Cause I really don't think you'd want pissed-off Christian coming after you. :)
I love his hair!

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