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September 19 2003

(SPOILER) New AtS cast photos. Spoilery for casting only if you've had your head in the sand for the past several months. :)

One full cast, one Angel, and one Spike. High res.

That's great. Thanks Tamara.
oh my god....that cast one is amazing - fred is looking awesome
Tamara I've changed your link to Comics Continuum as Voy archives pretty quickly.

Original Voy link

And can I just say great pics :)
You can find the big definition (and when I say biog, I mean big) ones also in gallery.
I hope they'll be individual pictures for other characters. It doesn't seem fair that they don't get individual pictures.
They probably did take individual pictures of the cast members, they usually do. From the last batch and this one, I'm starting to think Comics Continuum has a thing for Fred. Especially since the Fred one is from last season.

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