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May 21 2009

(SPOILER) Televisionary reviews Happy Town. A negative (and spoilery) review of the pilot that laments Amy Acker's lack of anything much to do.

The quote about Amy:
Amy Acker in particular seems to have precious little to do and it's a shame to see her squander her considerable ability...

Well, it may bode bad for "Happy Town" but well for "Dollhouse"??

*wishful thinking here*
Yeah, I was thinking that, too. :)
I don't know, reading this review makes me want to see it even more. It sounds really derivative, but I'm a sucker for "mystery and murder lurking beneath the surface of a seemingly benevolent small town" stories.
Well if she doesn't have much to do here then we can hope she'll be able to hold down two jobs and appear on Dollhouse at the same time! There cannot be too much Amy on TV!
Whenever a review complains about too much going on in a show (including Dollhouse) I always come away from it with the sense that the reviewer just didn't get it. In this case, however, it does seem a bit ridiculous for one albeit 90 minute episode.

And with what I'm looking forward to in season 2 of Dollhouse, they may as well call it Dollhouse: Whiskey as far as I'm concerned.
I don't hold out any hope for Happy Town, but folks should remember that this "critic" really hated Dollhouse and let that inform their reading of this review.
Just reading the review made me sleepy. If the show is given time to spread its wings, it sounds like there are a lot of subplots to work with, but if the network gets impatient and tries to cram all the mysteries into every episode its going to be too convoluted.

Please oh please, we need Dr. Saunders in season two.

And I can't believe they're toting it as being from "the network that brought you Twin Peaks." There's very little correlation and Twin Peaks wasn't exactly handled with grace.
This review is a let down. The show seemed like it would be interesting from the preview I watched (but don't they always make shows look better in previews?). I will probably still watch for Amy's sake. And hey, if it bombs, no big loss. Hopefully we will have Amy back for Dollhouse season two. *keeping fingers crossed.*
I'll watch it for Amy. However I remember tuning in to October Road just to see her and she was given like three lines. It almost sounds as if she's criminally under-used here as well. My hope is that she will be able to do both too. She was brilliant in DH and right now her storyline as a self aware doll is the most interesting to me.

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