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May 21 2009

TWOP offers up its suggestions for future dolls (and some make sense!). TWOP suggests a few Buffy alum and some others for future roles on Dollhouse- and lord help me, some of them are really good suggestions (and a few are not so good...).

I really don't wanna see so much Whedon-alumns in Season 2. It's fine to have Alan Tudyk pop up here of there, but I also like to get some new faces. Enver, Dichen and Miracle really took me by surprise. I want more of that.

(OT: Where does the "Private dancer, dancing for money."-line originate from? I know it from Sage Francis, but I can't imagine it being his original creation.)
*racks brain* I think it's a Tina Turner song.

Don't take my word for it though. I'm more or less kind of an idiot.
Wow, that picture of James makes me want him to play Vash in a Trigun movie. That could be good, if not done by FOX.
What happened to Marc Blucas? I think Summer Glau as Foxtrot is as far as I'd take this.
All the opportunity and they still forget Alexis Denisof. Sad that is. :(
Alexis, and Nicholas should join as guest stars. No matter the role. Anthony as the second season villain an SMG doing a cameo in the 3rd one.
James as Bravo = Sure, I love watching him act in anything.
J. as Charlie = Don't see it.
Michelle as Delta = Nope, don't see it.
Summer as Foxtrot = Very yes.
Paris as Hotel = Hahahahahaha good one.
Morena as Lima = Don't see it.
Prepon as November 2.0 = Hm. Could work, actually.
Depp as Oscar = Even if it wasn't a pipe dream, can't see it.
Tony Head as Papa = Nope.
Chris Kane as Romeo = I feel like he's way too intense to pull off the Doll state.
Marc Blucas as Uniform = Could go either way, leaning towards no.
Tom Welling as X-Ray = Nope.
Yes, "Private Dancer" is a Tina Turner song.

Also, I love ASH's Assignment Specialties:
"Assignment Specialties: Researcher, stevedore."
I'd really, REALLY love to see Sean Maher as a Doll. Or a client, or an FBI agent, or a Handler, or as someone who runs one of the other Dollhouses.

Of course, for this to happen, Joss would have to let Sean out of his basement...

And call me crazy, but I think that Amber Benson would be neat to see on the show too.
Probably gonna lose my Man Club membership for this, but...I gotta back korkster and say I SO would have chosen Alexis Denisof over Tom Welling or Marc Blucas for inclusion on the list. Don't hate either Tom or Marc, but if Joss & co. are gonna go with someone from the Grrr Argh Repertory Company to help fill in some Active slots...then Alexis is one of the top choices. We know he can freaking act - how many other people could have acted out Wesley's arc from arrogant ponce to anti-hero so well?! - and he's available last I checked 'less he's officially taking care of Satyana while Alyson's filming How I Met Your Mother.
HowlingLupe: Had the same thought about Amber the other day...though I think she'd be better as a client than a doll. Alexis also strikes me as more the client type. And frankly, if I were casting the show, I would (just for a laugh) bring David Herman in for a reprise of his role as David Nabbitt on "Angel."

As far as dolls go, I would love to see James, but I doubt he'd do it. Would love to see Summer, but ditto. Frankly, I'd like to see Adam Baldwin and J. August Richards in roles like these more than anyone else.

And under NO circumstances, Paris Hilton!
Paris Hilton as HO-tel?

BAFfler But she did really well as Amber Sweet - I totally didn't know it was her most of the time. And when her face fell off? Classic!

I still like the idea I came up with before the show ever aired casting Tony as a wealthy dying man who hires Echo to play his estranged daughter.....I'm gonna go write that.
Color me stupid, but I finally get why they included Laura Prepon: Topher, as in Topher Grace from "That 70's Show" and Topher (whom, in case you did not know it, which might be all of one of you) from DH, who I don't much care for. Doh!

Yes, please, to Amber Benson. That'd get me invest in a character real quick. And if she's a lesbian, even quicker! :-)
Dollhouse needs to carve out its own identity away from other Whedon projects and bringing in a slew of Whedonverse alums would be detrimental in achieving this.

I think Acker and Tudyk worked because they are incredibly versatile and utterly convincing in any role they play. As good an actor as someone like James Marsters is, people will always see him as Spike so an appearance from him would undoubtedly invite more unwanted Buffyverse comparisons.

The show has a great cast in the likes of Olivia, Harry, Dichen and Enver, so I would hope that the writers play this to their advantage in Season 2.
Katie Finneran is high on my list to appear on the show. She'd be a great handler.
Id love to see Christian Kane involved with the show - he doesnt have to be a doll though. Perhaps a cop or something, following in Pauls footsteps.
Agreeing with others who have already said Alexis should be a doll. I don't think he's got a gig right now and we know he's got the chops.
I doubt Joss can get Alexis Denisof to work with him again. Also, isn't Alexis supposed to start work on the film "Milo"? Or did Mrs Denisof make him drop out of it?
Yes, please, to Amber Benson. That'd get me invest in a character real quick. And if she's a lesbian, even quicker! :-)

Why are your particularly invested if a favorite actress plays a gay character?
James will no more always be seen as Spike than Alexis will always be seen as Wes and Eliza as Faith etc. If it's true of one actor it's true of all.

Of course there will be Buffy comparisons, it's a Joss show starring Eliza!

But the thing about actors is they play different characters, it's sort of the point of the profession :)

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Paris Hilton as HO-tel?


Littlegreenkid - Did I miss something? Why wouldnt he want to work with Joss?
I'm not all that hot on Whedon alums coming back for dolls, or really for guest shots unless it really makes sense.

Hilton might actually work out - hang on - hear me out. Make her a doll and kill her off right away. So, it's just a guest shot, and the publicity might get some curious eyes on the episode. The ep will have to be a killer standalone, with just a hint of "there's something else going on here", to get people to come back.

What? It could work...
We did this last season and thankfully the PTB ignored us.
Beren77: I think Alexis suffered a lot of overwork stress and burned out during filming Angel. He did, after all, get sick between season 4 and 5. Either that, or Mrs Denisof believes a husband's place is at home with the baby. I don't think he has done anything bad to get blacklisted in Hollywood. I bet Joss knows the real reason why Alexis doesn't work much anymore!
Yeah, why do you say that, Little Green Kid? Last time I checked, they were pals. Are the AHAD god-parents to Joss' first kid?
Don't know which would be worse - Alex Rodriguez or Marc Blucas.
Alexis could have simply decided to retire (hopefully temporarily). Acting for a living takes a LOT out of a person, after all.
Amber can't appear as a lesbian, because it would just lead to claims of having predicted it in advance and so it was uninteresting.
Alexis was on the stage over here for a bit I think, post Angel. Anyho, I want new peeps! I love collecting actors...erm...

LMAO!! You nailed that one!

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Huge LOL @ b!X ! (and smiley after sentence tells me Dana was prepared to be a good sport about this from the get-go, heh).

What Simon said (ie, the PTB ignoring our cast/guest star wish lists), plus Joss explained last year that this would not be a major Mutant Enemy reunion party. We got Amy Acker, Mark Shephard, Eliza Dushku, and the surprise of Alan Tudyk, that's more than I'd've guessed we were in store for and it felt like enough familiar faces.

Besides, given all the baggage from past roles that a lot of viewers used to complain about Eliza, I think the more fresh faces, the better.
Don't want more dolls. Want more time with Victor, Sierra, Dr. Saunders and formerly-known-as-November.
Cameos is as far as I'd go for most of these. A couple of lines here or there, so its not all to distracting.

Some of the smaller actors would be by far better, like Sarah Thompson or Elisabeth Röhm. I'd love to see both of 'em on it.
Katie Finneran. I forgot how much I absolutely loved her on Wonderfalls. Thanks for giving me a reason to get out my DVDs, moley75.

I hope this list isn't mean to be taken seriously, but more as a tongue-in-cheek "look what we came up with" article. Especially since the names they chose had more in common with who would play them than the names any of the dolls we currently know have.

And is it just me or did they skip Zulu?
sunfire- it's a standing joke. Don't read too much into it. Really.

Please don't kill me for saying this but I want to see Sarah Michelle Gellar as a handler for some reason, just every now and then, like twice a season with one line. (I know, it'll never happen for several reasons, still I would geek out!)

Also this list reminds me of before I watched the mock finale. I went out of my way to not know Alpha's identity and was sure it was Alexis because I heard it was Whedon alumn. However, Alan was a shocking surprise and pulled it off wonderfully! Probably my favorite doll next to Whiskey. Hope Alexis can still work with Joss again in some form.
I can't say I'd want any of those to come true, really. And definitely not Christian Kane; even if it makes me a lesser fan for saying it, I don't want him doing anything that takes him away from Leverage.
Joss already had the 'verse actors he 'really really' likes (except for Filiion; don't forget Felicia in the 13th) so unlikely to see any others turning up on DH.
Add me to the people who would like more Alexis. His exclusion from this list (Mark Blucas?) is sort of strange. I mean if we're going to dream, we might as well dream big.
Am I missing a Doll? This article says we've met nine, but I only count eight - Alpha, Echo, Mike, November, Sierra, Tango, Whiskey, Victor.
They must be counting Sam?
Sunfire... unless you adhere to the Reader's Response Theory, in which case feel free to read into it whatever you'd like.
Oh, that's probably it, thanks KoC. I wonder what his new name is.
Sunfire- what QuoterGal said! :-) Go ahead and read anything you want into it. Really!

Well, I am certainly down for all the Whedonverse alums coming to play in the dollhouse. It could be like one big cast reunion! (j/k...maybe) I pretty much think they were all good suggestions (except for Paris Hilton).
I'm with whoever said they wanted less new dolls and more of Victor, Sierra and Whiskey/Saunders. And if Joss does need more characters, I hope he'll introduce us to some more finds instead of bringing on people we already know--Enver, Dichen, and Miracle have been a joy to discover on this show.

That said, I enjoyed the puns and allusions in this article far, far more than I probably should have.
jkalderash, I think they may be referring to Quebec. The name wasn't listed in their suggested dolls and an actor was credited as portraying him in "Needs."
I'd like to see Seth Green appear as himself -- well, like he does in Entourage, kind of an asshole. And have him turn out to be an active.
I wonder if we'll see more of the new doll Adelle recruited in "Echoes." I've been wondering about him.
Spoiltish on Lost. Awesome. Eh, my fault for clicking on links I 'spose. Or, y'know, being on the internets in the first place.

Can't say I agree with much on this list but it was entertaining.
As good an actor as someone like James Marsters is, people will always see him as Spike

Even with curly brown hair and a California accent?
Haha Seth Green as himself would be awesome but he shouldn't be a doll. He should be a client who hires Sierra to be geekified for some awesome fun times.

Re: Marsters, I have trouble seeing him as Spike just when he speaks with his normal accent so I don't think he has that problem so much. Spike has such a distinctive look that it's easy to disconnect his character from Marsters' other roles.
Overall I've liked the mix of alumni versus new players. I rather enjoy all the new faces. That being said, I agree with Jayme - if they were to bring another Whedon alum in, I'd love to see Elizabeth Rohm. Christian Kane would be another great choice.

I vote to veto a new November. Mellie/November quickly became my favorite character on the show, having a new November would seem almost wrong...
LMAO @ “He may not be the most convincing actor in the world, but he's certainly got the blank stare part down pat.”

Sorry. But its funny coz it’s true ;)

Aww, but where’s Michael Rosenbaum? He’d be an awesome doll!
I agree with everyone who said they don't want more Whedon alumni on Dollhouse than those we already have..
Before seeing Dollhouse, I certainly would have wished for James Marsters, Alexis Denisof, Tony Head, Chris Kane, or even Steh Green, Juliet Landau, Julie Benz, Amber Benson, Tom Lenk (paired with Topher??)...etc appear. But, now that I got to see and love the show, no thanks, it's fine as it is.
I love pretty much all the new actors it made us discover (also, big big twitter love for Dichen and Miracle, I really have to thank Joss for making me discover them!). Plus, the W. alumni already present are the awesome! So I can honestly say that, as much as I adore, for instance, NPH (well, nobody even mentioned him..) or James Marsters, I don't wish to see him on Dollhouse, and I prefer for the show to maintain its "indipendence".
But I admit to Alan Tudyk being my other very favourite W. alumn, so I already had one of my casting wishes granted..;-)P
As much as I love all the Joss alum roster, I agree that it would be distracting to bring in a lot of actors well known for former roles.
With the exception of Alexis Denisof, who has been absent from film and TV for so long and is such a fine actor, it would be like seeing an entirely different person (especially without the English accent). And what's with the gossipy snark upthread, about Alexis?:(

I'm tempted to say James Marsters as well (anyone who doesn't think he can totally dissapear into a "not Spike" role, has never seen Cool Money).
In either case, I wouldn't want to see then as Dolls, but in some entirely different role, maybe as reoccurring guest stars.

And I agree with whoever said no Christian Kane because .... Leverage!

Summer is just too obvious a choice and if she's going to do more TV, she needs a staring role of her own, at this point.

I just want more Alan as Alpha. But probably best in small doses. ;)
Tony as a stevedore.

That was the funniest.
Besides Alan guesting again as Omege, I'd love to see Stephanie Romanof. I'd love it if she's "the Olivia" for a Dollhouse in another city - like NYC. Otherwise, I prefer they let the new blood (Sierra, Viktor, Olivia, Mellie, Ballard) shine more.
On board with those who would find a slew of alums cool but distracting for sure. BUT with HowlingLupe on Sean Maher. Of all actors mentioned in this thread, he is the only one jumps out at me as a hell yes! candidate. I actually perked, HowlingLupe! And Summer Glau as Foxtrot, I'll take her, sure.

When TWOP is silly as hell, it's because they mean to be.

Serenifly was so short-lived it's easier to see those actors slip into new roles, imho.

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