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May 21 2009

Inara makes's Top 10 Hot Alien Chicks. They seem to have a very broad definition of "alien." And "hot" (the Alien Queen also makes the list).

Yeah. Usually these lists stick with the human concept of 'hotness' as one of the criteria, but this one doesn't. Maybe we should all just be more open minded?
Alien: n. A person of another family, race, or nation.

:D She fits the bill.

I dunno what to say about hot...
I think the definition of alien they're going with here is "animalistic creature not born on the planet earth".

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This is funny considering her upcoming role in "V". I'm not totally familiar with the show (original or new version) but isn't she an alien in that????
Yep, she is. A sexy, sexy alien. Which - so I've heard - is only good storytelling.
We are all aliens to other aliens I guess.
They seem a little confused. The whole idea that life on other planets automatically wouldn't include Buddhists kind of suggests they think Inara actually is a non-human alien as opposed to a transplanted Earthling.
Might wanna rephrase that last part to be "transplanted human," Meltha, since Inara was never born on Earth but another planet in another star system. She's still human (unless Joss & Co. had a MUCH bigger secret than Inara's health being less than stellar planned ;D) from all evidence, just not resident of Earth.

Honestly, they would have had better luck arguing Morena's character Adria from Stargate SG-1, though Adria was technically just an empowered human (both parents were Homo sapiens, last I checked) until she Ascended.
Exactly--they seem to have completely missed out on the fact that Firefly takes place in the future and that everyone running around is a descendant of ancestors from Earth. No, Buddhism wouldn't have developed on another planet as it did here, but on the show it's a carryover from Earth.

The writers of this article were very confused, methinks.
And I, in turn, am confused by them. This is a vicious cycle.
Oh, come on. Everyone* knows that 10 out of 8** alien-loving geeks prefer Star Trek's "Vina the Green Orion Slave Girl***."

* Some people
** It's a fact!
*** Not to be confused with "Marta the Green Orion Gal" - a completely street-rad off-her-rocker crazy psychopath

Yeah, I agree it's a pretty weird list. It seems like they tried to factor in nerd appeal level as part of attractiveness.

I'd have been kind of insulted if I'd been beaten by the mother alien from Aliens.
Acid for blood probably counts as hot.
Also the Alien Queen is a chick...hatches from an egg...lays eggs...

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I like how they suddenly started caring about the fact that none of their choices were actually aliens halfway through the list.

I didn't like that after hotness, their second-highest criterion was "low-maintenance." The bit for Leela was particularly insulting... not to mention inaccurate. Leela definitely had her high-maintenance side.
The alien mother was tatally Urrrgh!
I'm not sure if Morena's role in V can be considered "hot" since, IIRC, the Visitors are a little bit .

QuoterGal, is that woman from the same species of the girl in the new ST movie?
The alien mother was tatally Urrrgh!
I'm not sure if Morena's role in V can be considered "hot" since, IIRC, the Visitors are a little bit

I'm telling you, it's all just a matter of taste. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" after all.

That makes me think of vogon poetry...

Update: Oops! forget to preserve spoiler.

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Brasilian Chaos Man: "QuoterGal, is that woman from the same species of the girl in the new ST movie?"

I do believe so (and here and here) and I'm inclined to think that her inclusion in a scene making some time with our Space Lothario James T. was a direct nod to the thousands of alien-loving Star Trek fans that have lusted after Vina all these many years.
brinderwalt, you clearly is a more evoluid person then me, since you is willing to look past the whole orientation thing species question, while I'm still focused in phisical aspects enough to don't be abble to acept the love of my life being imprinted in Rob Schneider's body.

Thanks QuoterGal. Probably I let somethings without attention, after discover that future human race lost its capacity to foresee the babies sex ;)

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