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May 21 2009

Seth Green gives financial advice on Funny or Die. Witness the hilarity that is Un-Broke: The Seth Green Cribs Edition.

Funny. I loved the pool with the hose.
damn that looks exactly like my brother's house
Love that Seth was channeling his Can't Hardly Wait character.

"Welcome, yo"-Totes want that mat :)
I love this man. He is genius.
Hah, excellent.
Hose! Nice, very funny.
That guy's too much! I love it.
*chick chickachick* Transformers!
Eeee, love 'im! :D Damn all that green brings out his eyes.
Where's my hos at?

"Oh there it is.."

I think he just keeps getting younger. Compare:
(For anyone who remembers "Byrds of Paradise".)

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