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May 21 2009

Gone Too Soon: 14 TV Shows We Want Back. Angel, Firely and SCC make the list

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Heh, that (skewed) freeze frame of Jessica Alba's head next to Eliza's makes the Dark Angel's noggin look giganamous.

It reminds me of a drunken friend's insistence that humanity can be divided into Pin Heads and Pan Heads.
I want more cowbell!!
What? No Freaks and Geeks? Then this article is dead to me! :P
No Freaks and Geeks or Everwood??? FAIL.
What, no Buffy? Yeah, it wasn't canceled, but still gone far too soon, in my opinion.
There's so much awesome TV these days, I don't care about resurrecting shows that are gone.
I still want an F&G high school reunion movie. I know, it's too late to resurrect that gem. But it still hurts. Muchly.
Veronica Mars and Wonderfalls were so awesome. And eventhough Angel had a fitting ending, I didn't have enough of Illyria. There should be a Illyria spin-off... in my dreams. Dark Angel had a great first season, but season 2 sucked even more than I can remember. I do seem to have recollection of a halloween episode that made me pity all the people involved.
Veronica Mars, Freaks and Geeks, Wonderfalls, and Angel. Definitely.
Angel was the most tragic loss for me, second and third are Veronica Mars and F&G. Firefly is too, except it was completely different for me because I started watching it on DVD knowing that was all there was. I knew not to expect more (besides the movie that was being discussed at the time).
I love Veronica Mars! I've been meaning to get the DVDs and desperately hoping that I missed a few episodes the first season.

I've seen most of those shows, but I need to put a few on my list- dead like me, freaks and geeks (saw a few, but not all) firefly (JUST KIDDING!)
Solid article. I especially like the video snippets. A lot of good clips there. That being said, why does it always have to be an argument of, "This gets canceled, but show X is still on the air!"? I'm particularly tired of the Two and A Half Men hate, as if that's the end all-be all example of bad, unfunny programming. Seriously?

I hate to say it, because I know I'm in the minority here, but I could never see the big deal with Arrested Development. Several times I would tune in for a few, but it would always end up feeling like it was trying too hard and I could never get past the home video look and feel (I have that same problem with The Office, but they're better at that style to me). If nothing else, it least we now have Jason Bateman back in full swing because of it, so that's cool.

I hadn't seen that Angel clip in quite a while. Watching it just now gave me real, tingly chills. No lie. The Bryan Fuller clips were all solid. I miss all of those shows like I miss my dead house cat, Happy (Yes, her name was Happy). I've always been kind of curious to check out Birds Of Prey (there are legions of people who love it to pieces), but that clip was just so hokey and campy-looking. If the whole thing was like that, I can see why it didn't last.
The Inside. At least a DVD set? Maybe? Someday? If I make big plead-y kitten and/or puppy eyes?
Arrested Development is one of those shows you really have to be watching from the beginning. The jokes are all in-jokes, and pretty much bases on stuff that's happened before. It's not a traditional episode sitcom at all.

That said, it's worth it when you stick with it. I felt the same way about it when I saw an ep here and there. Then I netflixed season one and got HOOKED. It's a sitcom with a memory!
It just makes me sad that SCC is going to be on lists like this from now on.
Arrested Development, when viewed as a whole, is as good as any TV comedy you are ever going to see. Its beyond brilliant. Its beyond genious. Its Brigenious. Go ask my religion girlfriend. Go ask Army. I would simply throw you the DVD if I didnt think you would just turn around and cower as I threw it. Just imagine the impact that would have had if it had been on right when you turned the TV on!!
Have you ever tried watching Arrested Development from the beginning kungfubear? I never watched it any other way, but I could imagine just viewing a few random episodes might not work. I agree with Beren77 that it really is one of the best tv comedies ever.

And being one of the best tv-series ever, I would of course have liked more (maybe a movie?), but I do also appreciate that the show could end on a high, and like Michael Cera said: with three seasons of this endlessly rewatchable show on DVD, who really needs more of it.

Veronica Mars also was a great show, so I would have liked more, but I do think it got to fulfill it's potential. Angel could have gone on to great new things, but atleast it got 5 full seasons. Pushing Daisies and Firefly on the other hand... they showed such incredible potential and while everything we got to see of them was perfect, they could have been so much more. Real shame.

Anyway, strong list: almost all the shows on the list that I watched were favourites of mine (Dark Angel being the big exception).
I would deffinately love to see Angel,Firefly,Tru Calling,Dark Angel and Terminator:SCC back on my TV. They are all great shows that didn't really get a chance (Apart from Angel, but that was still cut loose too early)

@the Groosalugg: Dark Angel would be a big exception to me too, i loved the show and it had great storylines,sometimes i still wonder,what would happen next? that's why i want James Cameron to do a Buffy and bring Dark Angel out as a comic book series so it's officially what would happen next. :D
I agree with the others that say Arrested Development is best watched from beginning to end. It took me about 1/2 the first season to really start getting into it, but then I started realizing that it might be the best written sitcom ever. It's amazingly good.

I watched Veronica Mars after seeing its praise on here and it's very good, but I don't think it got cancelled too early. Firefly, on the other hand, was overflowing with potential. To see it get axed is a real shame. Tragic.
While far from a favourite of mine Dark Angel was a fun show. However I'm really glad they picked Firefly over it.

But since a comic continuation wouldn't cost us any Firefly, I'm rooting for you gingyfromshrek.
Anything Bryan Fuller ever did deserves many seasons.
I tried Dark Angel but don't liked, however my biggest sin was Married With Children.
lm still peeved about the angel tru calling and BOP cancelations fox and the WB really did a faux pas on these shows l mean look what they have on now fringe gossip girl so u think u can dance l mean really l wish joss would do a movie about angel so we can find out who survived the fight in the last episode of season 5
Above all of these, I will miss FIREFLY more than any.
Dear Zee:
Angel Series 6 Comics.
That is all.
I'm with you kungfubear. I love Two And A half Men and have never been able to enjoy Arrested Development. I have watched a lot of episodes (from the beginning of the series) and jut never enjoyed even one episode. Of course I also have never been able to enjoy The Office so I guess I don't know my comedy or something. Sure Two And A Half Men is predictable and formulaic, but it has a lot of good laugh out loud moments. In fact, whenever a comedy is labeled as "Smart" I usually dislike it. I guess I like my comedy with a low IQ.

In fact, I probably like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly for what some might call cheap laugh out loud moments as well.

High brow drama + low brow comedy = good stuff.
Thanks Beren 771 appreciate it alot
Np Zee :D
Its official canon, written by Joss and many Angel writers.
I'll tell you what, folks: Arrested Development appears to be available on Hulu, in its entirety. I'll do my best to watch the first season over the next few days or so, and I'll get back to you. I may even do commentaries for it on my podcast, skipping tomorrow since I'm turning 30 then. :)

@Jayne's Hat - High brow drama + low brow comedy? Nothing at all wrong with that equation. It works for Kevin Smith.

@LaneMeyer - Nothing. I just love your handle. Makes me wish I had the forethought to call myself Charles DuMarr. :)
I may be the only one, but I feel like DEAD LIKE ME lasted too long. It really never found its footing, story-wise, and the only thing that really kept me watching was the characters. I think had Fuller kept creative control it might have lived up to something, but I found the entire series to be rather mediocre.

VERONICA MARS, on the other hand, I still get sad when I think about that show and how it is no longer on.
Just one thing, Season 1 is great, fantastic. But its post-season1 that it REALLY started getting into the just plain rediculous kind of funny that comes from in-jokes refering to previous episodes. So I would say watch it ALL over the next few days, not just S1. Sadly 'it all' is tragically small as it is.
I'm re-watching Veronica Mars now. Makes me sad to think there won't be more. Of all on the list, this is the only one I want back.

*hopes the VM Movie does come to life*
Good list. I always have to include Farscape. I horribly miss every Fuller show. I thought I'd come to terms with Pushing Daisies only being 26 wonderful eps but after seeing the last 3 on top of seeing Tarsem's The Fall starring Lee Pace I find my heart is still broken. Agree that I hope the Veronica Mars movies comes about. I'd totally like to see the jump forward story-pilot-maybe we saw on the DVDs fleshed out.
@Beren77 - Well, I can't watch ALL of it in that amount of time. Perhaps it does "pull a Buffy" in the next season, but right now, one is all I'm going to give. If it's at least decent, then I'll keep going, but if it's downright failing for me, not so much. We'll see.

@Nolan - I hear what you're saying, but I can't imagine a world without the fantastic "bottle" episode, Nighthawks (although, could've done without the filler bits. Never do a "clips" show in your first season, if ever until the end).
Nice to see Popular getting a mention on one of these lists as it so rarely does. The show was a real surprise for me. Enjoyed it a great deal despite 'teen drama' not really being my thing.

Dark Angel was a big loss for me. That really did deserve much longer. Won't even bother to mention Firefly and Angel. Those two go without saying as far as I'm concerned.

Shows that should also have got a mention:

Farscape (as Vinity suggests above)
Space: Above and Beyond
American Gothic
Earth 2

All worth your time (despite the last four only surviving a season).
I would love another season of Angel, Veronica Mars, Firefly and Arrested Development. Angel cut the deepest but given the choice now I would like to see Veronica Mars come back someday soon.

*also holding out hope for a VM movie*
Bah. Now and Again and Life were better than three-quarters of these shows.
Oh, how I miss my beloved 'Angel'. It still hurts, you know!

And I think they made a h-u-g-e mistake cancelling Arrested Development. There are times when a joke or line comes back to me at random, and I just crack up. (Marry me!) I did hear a movie was coming out, though.

I've never actually seen 'Freaks and Geeks', but I really should as I adore Jason Segal. And same with 'Dark Angel'- I want to check out vintage Jensen Ackles!
"Well ex-cuse me!"
Arrested Development, as said previously, died too early in my opinion, and it was due to the fact that it was really one big, continous show that was chopped up, obviously making it hard for viewers just getting into it to fully understand it. I'd seen MOST of it on television, but only recognising its quality after buying the DVDs and watching them constantly on my ipod.
Farscape, I've also bought on DVD to fill in the gaps (or at least get the timeline settled), I feel did amazing for 4 seasons, but the 4th really had a sense of finality to it, consluded in the Peacekeeper Wars. However, that said, it REALLY started to get quirky and interesting 3rd and 4th seasons, and I really wanted to know just HOW quirky it could have gotten...
Angel; closing dialogue really gave the impression of continuation, and I was deeply unhappy that it didn't get to continue on television or film. Although the story is continued in comics, it just doesn't have the same effect; I'm sure most would agree dialogue delivery is one of the more captivating elements of Joss's series.
Dead Like Me was mostly good for the characters (Maison!) and how they had to go about their job.

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