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May 21 2009

Buffy Season 3 now on iTunes (USA).

Patiently waiting for OMWF. Hurry please.

But this is good news. It's a wonderful way to while-away your lunch hour.
Season 3 is also on Hulu.
Maybe the appearances on Hulu and iTunes is connected somehow? I don't remember seeing S3 on Hulu before now, anyway.
It hit Hulu in mid-March. In which case it suggests that if you see further Whedon additions on Hulu, you might want to keep an eye out afterward for an iTunes add.
oh, so NOW that they've forced me to go out and buy DVD's they'll put it on Itunes. I see how it is.
Well... DVDs have bonus tracks; iTunes doesn't. (But it sure is convenient!)
Season three is the last TRULY great season of Buffy, in my opinion. The other seasons had great moments, but the one-two punch of seasons two and three is VERY hard to top!
Its on Amazon Video on Demand too. Which is awesome on a Roku!
I've added a link to the show on iTunes. Next time, please don't post without providing a link.
Ironically, Mort, I just downloaded 8 eps from Season 3 last night from Amazon Unbox, part of a new little digital Joss favorites collection I'm putting together. I caught Dollhouse available there as well, and like a sucker who's already pre-ordered the DVDs, downloaded favorite eps from the season.

ETA: Amazon Unbox

I've had very good luck with the service to date, having dowloaded eps from BSG, Firefly, Buffy, and now DH.

Next major purchase: Portable video player with a big ass # of GB

Kinda related: One of those video streaming sites we don't talk about here now has links to Hulu and other legal forms of video downloads. I'm happy to pay a little or sit through ads for higher quality.

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Sorry, Caroline, it's my first post. Will do :).
Anyone know why it took so long for season 3 to get released?
Not a clue Simon but I'll go out on a limb and guess it has something to do with $$$.

I'll open an itunes account the day they release season 4. But not until!
I just want Once More With Feeling on my iPod.
"Doppelgangland" is downloading to my iPod now. :)

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