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September 20 2003

Firefly's mechanic to air in season finale of Dead Like Me Jewel Staite "Kaylee" appears in the commercial/trailer for next weeks episode of this Showtime series.

I can't find any site that actually states that she will be in it, but I recognize her in the trailer. I believe the Showtime website allows you to view it, but my computer is having trouble with RealPlayer, so I apologize if I'm mistaken.

... And I've just been told that only people within the U.S. can even access the site. I'll see if I can find any other information on this topic.
Only way to access it from anywhere outside the U.S. is to go through a USA based anonymous proxy. I got a month's subscription to check out this site a few weeks ago. I've forgotten what it looks like so it can't have been all that impressive.
Yeah what's up with that? Dead Like Me premiered here in the UK last night (was very very good) and I tried to access the Showtime site and nada *grrrrr*.
Try as an alternative.
Does anyone have any idea why Showtime blocks their websites to people overseas? I can't access this link.
To save bandwidth. Maybe save on legal/copyright costs.

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