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May 22 2009

Dollhouse theme song available for purchase on iTunes. Jonatha Brooke knocks it out of the park (here's the music video).

Heh, I still have the one with her name misspelled.

Do you know if this version is any different? I'll probably just rip it from the music video if it's not.

ETA that it does seem to be longer... hmm. I'll probably save the money anyway.

[ edited by Jobo on 2009-05-22 23:09 ]
The version I bought from iTunes a week ago was longer than the music video version at least (guess I should have posted that news anyway =o)) -- but I actually prefer the music video version (maybe because I've listened to it so often), where the "I'm already going" chorus is only played once, rather than being between each verse -- that's what makes this version longer.

From listening to it, although the chorus parts are slightly different, music-wise in each iteration, it sounds like it was quickly edited to make it longer - the transitions between parts seem too sudden, and some harmonies at the end of verses sound like they're intended to go into the next verse rather than the chorus.

[ edited by Kaneda on 2009-05-23 00:05 ]
So many things I love about Dollhouse.
It's theme song is not one of them.
I got the Dollhouse theme music stuck in my head a few weeks ago, especially the music box bit right at the end. Proof I watch too often, or not enough?
Is it worth posting on the front page that Dollhouse is now available for pre-order for amazon UK users?
I would vote "yes" on that.
Dollhouse's theme music is probably my favorite of Joss's shows.
I adore the Dollhouse theme song. I can't choose between that and Angel's for the title of Best Joss Theme Song. And that's a good thing.
@Kaneda, I also prefer the music video version. Like you said, probably because I've listened to it so much. The new version isn't horrible but it is a bit jarring.
I love the music box bit at the end, that's fantastic and creepy but I'm rather indifferent to the rest of the song. Buffy's theme is still my favourite;

1) Buffy
2) Angel
3) Dollhouse
4) Firefly... ugh can't stand it!

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