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May 22 2009

Dollhouse Region 2 DVD now up for pre-orders. Those of you in Region 2 can now officially get ready. Amazon puts the release date at 14 September 2009. (Took the cue from Progressive_Stupidity.)

Awesome, cheers. Also, since DVDs tend to be synced in release with a series air date in some way, you could argue this may be the week when Dollhouse returns. Obviously, region 2 and all that, though.
Sgrunt. How will I wait till then? Pouty face.
Anybody got any information on the R4 release date, assuming there is one, that is? I got way too excited when a search brought up this but then regained my senses very soon after!
Bahh, can't wait that long. R1 it is for me then.
That's not a bad price.
So we're in the 21. century now, and there is this thing called the Internet. People in America and Europe and Asia, people everywhere use it, and they know about TV shows in the U.S., and follow the discussions, and really want to see those shows, because they are, like, you know, great, especially those by JW.

And the guys at Fox, who for some strange reason I've never seen as too bright, don't know why, wait until September 2009 to release the DVD version -- never mind putting it on TV -- to 500 million people whose broadband adoption rate makes America look like Nepal. And then they turn around and go, gee, I wonder why people are stealing our stuff online.

Now I work in the media myself and have very strong feelings about online piracy. It is illegal, it is morally wrong, and if you don't like the laws, get your government to change them, don't just break them.

But this is stupid, like throwing your wallet on a busy sidewalk in a dark alley and then walking away. You just can't be this slow anymore, not only because it pisses people off -- Fox was never afraid of that, were they -- but because people will steal it. That's the way it is. If you want to sell fresh fruit, radioactive isotopes, or a TV series, you have to be quick. Speed is business.

Also, and in answer to catalyst2, it is beyond me why they still even use the regional coding, another stupid corporate idea that failed. I haven't seen a player that honors the codes in Germany for years -- are you sure they even sell the crippled machines in region 4 anymore?. Our cheap 30 euro machine doesn't even bother to pretend. All the RC did was annoy people. Oh, and it gives me another reason not to switch to blu-ray, where the system is even more foobar (they're really going to love it in French Guyana).

Crivens. Why is it these people make it so hard for themselves to make a profit?

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Scotws is right.

If I could see series in websites (abc website, fox website, hulu, other websites out there) I'd only use torrent for download linux.
@scotws - definitely still use region-coding here on most DVD players and all DVD's. There was even a government working party a while ago investigating whether to make region-coding compulsory on all DVD (and I gues Blu-Ray) players sold in Australia. Not sure what came of that. It is also illegal to import and sell any DVD's from any other region than 4 in Australia. Plenty of places do it here, don't get me wrong, and some are even highly visible but technically .....

In addition, many shows just never get R4 releases, Wonderfalls and Profit are just two examples. I really hope Dollhouse gets an R4 release!
My husband will kill me My husband will express minor disappoinment in my fiscal decisions for buying both the R1 and R2 versions.
Ildeth - my husband doesn't know that I've done that too...wait, opps!
It's also available (slightly cheaper) at Play. My order is in.
September? What the frak?
So I have to wait until then to see Epitaph?

Well that sucks.
It'll be shown on SciFi UK well before that.
August 11th I think.

That is actually a pretty good price (though I'll still probably wait a few months for it to go down as I'm a penny-pincher).
I was gonna put it up but I just could not find the um...front page posty button.

Anyway, the dvd could really do with some better ratings. Its got something like four 1 star reviews.
Hmm. Seems to be balenced out by some five-stars. I'm sure as the release date approaches it'll balance out.

Just wish they'd release a R2 Dr Horrible now, or at least have the region-free version available for the non-credit card owning amongst us...
scotws is so right it hurts. Region coding is simply the worst "invention" ever.

On that note, any word on a region B Dollhouse bluray?
Not yet, but I would be very surprised if Fox didn't release the Blu-ray at the same time as the DVD.
Theres no region 2 Guild dvd either =/
I already ordered the R1 one version from (as I have a luxury-dvd-player that plays everything) and I'm fine with it, as September is too far away! Actually not that far, because apparently shipping takes so long (according to Amazon) that the DVD will be here in the middle of August instead of end of July. DAMN ME! I WANT IT NOW!

Yeah, I was never much a supporter of patience.
Theres no region 2 Guild dvd either =/

I spoke to Felicia about that at the T1 con recently and she said she's working on it. Though they tell her the DVD is region free, she's not 100% convinced.

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DVD release dates are legally dependent on local broadcaster schedules. Blame your local broadcaster, not Fox.
Your words are so much bigger than anyone else's. Are you magic?

(FWIW, it appears to be the bogus
<div="quote"> foo </div>
up above.)

ETA that this comment is now complete nonsense.

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catalyst, there will definitely be a R4 release.
DVD release dates are legally dependent on local broadcaster schedules. Blame your local broadcaster, not Fox.

How does that account for material that's never been shown ?
Usually if something has never been shown, it may not be considered well known enough to go to the (not inconsiderable) expense of dubbing/subtitling and releasing something in a new territory/country. Best bet is to order it from a territory that already has it released.
@TamaraC - is that 100% sure about the R4 release? If so, WOOHOO!
catalyst2, I won't swear it in blood or anything because things change, but today I am 100% positive that Dollhouse will be released in R4. Not sure on a date though.

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