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May 23 2009

Blue Sun 100% Grain Alcohol t-shirts. Hmmm, not wood alcohol. stylinonline also has two new Serenity Official t-shirts.

Serenity River Splatter T-Shirt and a different Serenity Jayne Bad Guys. Wonder if Jim at stylinonline knows Dollhouse has been renewed. Off to send him an email and will mention that Fox is selling a special Dollhouse DVD at Comic-Con. Maybe Ripple Junction can finally be convinced to start making official Dollhouse shirts.

Someone at Ripple Junction is really gay for Jayne. Not that that's a bad thing, but I'm starting to think whoever works there doesn't know there are any characters other than Jayne. What are we at now, 80% Jayne shirts, 15% River, and 5% Mal? Give it a break already.

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