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May 23 2009

Thank You from Equality Now for CSTS 2008.

I loved attending CSTS in 2008 and I'm really looking forward to attending this year (with Dr. Horrible goodness!). Equality Now is a great organization and holding these events on or around Joss Whedon's birthday is a great way for the fans to express their appreciation.
Thank you, Equality Now.
Hey, so they never sold anything with that spiffy logo after all, did they? I'd wanted a sticker for my car...
I just looked up NYC CSTS to see what was happening and got all excited. They are having a dinner dance with dance instructors. It sounds like so much fun. Unfortunately, it is also on the 28th of June, when I will probably be out of town. Blast! (I hope everyone else in the area has one...)
Too right, Pointy. As long as they keep at it, keeping at it to support their efforts is a privilege.

This year, Lazy QuoterGal is so lucky - one of the L.A. events is so close I'll be able to see my house from there. Well, -ish.

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