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May 23 2009

Translated Buffy Season 8 arrives in Brazil. Panini will publish the Joss and BKV's arcs The Long Way Home and No Future For You as a 5 part mini-series. Release date is yet to be confirmed.

The release is ironic, because Fox Home Entertainment is yet to release Buffy Season 7 in DVD and the same is to be said for Angel Season 3-5, despite a big fan base over here for both shows.
No news about After the Fall being released down here.

Hopefully Panini's release will also be uncut. A Publisher attempt to publish Surrogates, the 1st arc from the old Dark Horse's Angel regular series, as a One-Shot, resulted in the same thing as the Rede Globo attempt to broadcast the show with cuts to fit the format.

Why a 5 part mini-series? Is stuff being cut from it or is each of the 5 parts longer than a regular comic?
They'll probably be including 2 issues per issue of the "Mini-Series".
But that would make 10 issues instead of 8
They haven't released Buffy's sixth season either, and the boxes for Buffy season 4 and Angel season 1 have no extras. That pains me because I remember they were among the top watched shows on cable here for a while, so there's probably a good market for it.

Maybe they're waiting for stuff to align, like Dollhouse getting released here, then some reruns of Buffy and stuff. Who knows.
Well, Let Down they'll probably be publishing the full extent of the first 2 TPB volumes, which means it will include #5 The Chain and #10 Anywhere But Here in the mini series.
Nice. But I'll problably buy the english issues (just waiting for this season to end). Some things always get "lost" in the translation, for example, the way Joss plays with the language and so on.
That's cool, though honestly I probably won't buy it, cause I already have the comics in english.

About the dvds, Fox Brasil has to wait the decision from Fox Latina, cause since the year they released Buffy Season 5 and Angel season 4, all Fox dvds are released at the same time in all South America countries, so only when Fox Latina decides to release something that Fox Brasil can do it.
Nice for Brazil, hopefully it will be the UK's turn soon.
Simon, you mean the dvds?? Or the comics?
Cause the comics you can find in the UK, no? (I bought most of my comics in Ireland).
You can buy Dark Horse Buffy comic books in the comic book shops in the UK but there's no British publishers who have bought the rights to reprint them. Panini reprints a lot of the Marvel comics here, it's a shame they don't do it for Buffy.
Oh, got it.
Yeah, here in Brazil Panini is also the one who usually reprints Dark Horse comics.
Anyway, it still is a little odd number of editions. Since, if they put 2 comics per volume, "No Future for You" will be broken in 3 parts or they will change the order, putting "The Chain" and "Anywhere But Here" together. Friday when I read it, I wondered they would publish the 2 comics of each arc together, and "The Chain" alone.
Oh, and about the translation, I remeber the
* Brazilian translations, where when Willow said to Amy As a friend of mine once said…I’d like to test that theory. it was translated as a female friend and in ATF Angels speach about Illyria being affected from the Mutary Generator becames "generations of mutations"

* The tipe that has an glas eye, a hook in one hand, a parrot, wood leg and travels the seven seas.

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