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"Harmony has minions?"
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September 20 2003

(SPOILER) A letter from Joss Whedon and a letter from Angel, CEO of Wolfram and Hart as well (all part of The WB's promotional campaign).

To give WB their due, it's certaintly different.

It sounds like Joss trying hard to get people to watch the show. But I think he'd better off trying to do that by making the show actually looks good and by ensuring that none of the characters are ignored like in some characters in BTVS s7.
"Harmony! The deadliest foe Angel has ever faced, brilliant and diabolical. What terrifying schemes will she hatch?" Waitaminut, I saw DisHarmony and she was nowhere near as terrifying as... Ohhh. Jossy's being uhm.. whut izzit? Ironic? Ish? This just reminds me of the scene between her and Xander in season five. Easily, hands down, the BEST fight scene EVER in the history of the WhedonVerse. So... Angel's the one everybody keeps calling Angel? Ohhhh! I thought Angel was that bald green guy with the british accent. Also I don't know if I like this major shift Whedon has in store for the plotlines of season five. I mean s'mores? Come on! Everybody knows the way to go is those adorable little rice krispy squares with food coloring to make them look blue. Or maybe Snickers flavored ice cream, yeah! And Fred covered in strawberry jello from head to toe. NEKKID.. ...yeah...


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I thought it was funny!
Hey, I thought it was funny too (very funny, actually) especially the de-coder ring part. 'Bitter' was just my description of the post above mine. A one-word description of the letter would be... funny!! (in that strangely off-kilter Whedon-speak way).
a vote for funny here!!!
It's Joss having a laugh. I enjoyed it. How many other show creators do this sort of thing?
Loved his signature. Its so loopy (hah!).
It sounds like Joss was told to try hard to get people to watch the show, but instead decided to be totally loopy. (Loopy is good. The letter was hilarious.)

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I was expecting "Excelsior!" at the end of this letter. :-)
I got the Joss letter link via The Angel's Soul Spoiler Board. Now try searching for it on the WB site, it can't be found. I can not find a link to anywhere on the WB site. So if anyone knows how it was orginally found or where the link to it is, I would be eternally grateful.
Woah! It be gone! Well that's weird. Guess the WB suits didn't find it funny. So what else is new? Once again, Whedon and company pull through with powerful and creative material for a new season, and the people with ties wrapped around their necks like leashes haven't the slightest clue what to do with it.

I don't get it either.
The letter is still there as far as I can see.
Excelsior indeed! And not a bad thing. That much loopy in one place makes me miss Xander, though.
Izzit just me, or does the Angel letter seem to be a td out of character.

He doesn't seem like the type to use the words "pernicious" and "post-apocalyptic flotsam".
Angel is old. He's had a lot of time to compile a large vocabulary. He doesn't talk like that, but I can imagine him using those words in official writing business.

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