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May 24 2009

Fan-made Green Lantern Trailer with Nathan Fillion. A wonderful imagining of Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern in this fan-made live action trailer. Link via Bonniegrrl on Twitter.

Freaking awesome! Where was that last bit from?
I am very impressed! I would love to see that movie!
That was really well made. How many different movies/TV shows were "borrowed" from?
I loved the inclusion of the "Captain Tightpants" line from "White Noise 2". :D
My God, that was awesome!

Speaking as a fellow dabbler in the art of fan video production I can only imagine how much time and effort this must have taken.

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Yeah, the whole thing is some pretty fantastic sh*t. I adore adore adore the aerial shot on Oa with the central power battery.
That was awesome. And yeah, that last bit was from White Noise 2.
That was absolutely perfect. I recognized ID4, Iron Man, FF2, Star Trek, Serenity and Firefly, and others. They need to make a GL movie, and Nathan would be great in it.
Really special.

Here are the films the guy lists:

"Shots I adapted from the following movies, tv shows, and trailers:
Planet of the Apes
Serenity Trailer
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Stardust Trailer
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring
Dragonball Evolution Trailer
Galaxy Quest
The Fountain Trailer
Superman Returns Trailer
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Justice League TAS
GI Joe Trailer
Star Trek Enterprise
Star Wars Episode III
The Mutant Chronicles Trailer
Iron Man
Star Trek Trailer
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Cutscene
The Chronicles of Riddick
Kamen Rider
Bedtime Stories
Escape from Witch Mountain Trailer
The Matrix Revolutions
The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian
White Noise 2"
I think Nathan linked it first, but yes, it is all kinds of awesome!
Oh, this was very, VERY well done. I was cracking up from the moment the ring hit him in the head. By the time I heard the LOTR lines, I was rolling on the floor. But it also made me kinda sad too - I really want to see this movie! Please, someone tell me it's possible. Even if it isn't, I need to read the words...
I dunno, Sly, that's how rumors get started. If I say it here, imdb will pick it up, then io9 or Wired will run it, then etc., etc., etc.
It's an embarrassment of riches tonight. First, Nathan happens on the Green Lantern trailer and posts it at Twitter and then I see a reference, I think also at Twitter, about Nathan doing a Walken impression on the Castle set, which I googled and found... Damn. This actually beats impressionist extraordinaire Kevin Spacey tweeting me last week.
That was really swell.
Very cool. A lot of work went in to some of the rendering and re-coloring of those clips, but man I'm impressed when someone does a beautiful editing job like that too.

The shot from the new Star Trek film was very nicely re-done.

Current rumor is that Chris Pine will be GL (which dude though?). They could have him as Kyle toward the end but have the bulk of the film be about Fillion's Hal Jordan. C'mon, you don't always have to cast 'em in their 20s. If Robert Downy Jr. (admittedly a way bigger name than Nathan, but that could change) can embody Tony Stark...
Un-freaking-believable. That was awesome.
My wife and I don't know anything about Green Lantern. When I showed her the trailer, she read the info box, and so knew that it was fan-made. As such, she was not all that impressed... until I told her that no actual Green Lantern trailer currently exists. I guess she though that the creator just chopped up an existing trailer, and reorganized it as desired, which I think speaks volumes about the quality of the thing. When I showed her the above list of where all the clips came from, she echoed my thoughts, which can be summed up by, "Wow. Wow."
Holy crap! That was awesome!!
Awesome work. I have serious doubts that the real movie will look this good.
It's now linked at Entertainment Weekly.
Out of all the fan made trailers I've seen, this one is one of the best if not the best. Kudos to the guy who put it all together.
A lot of work went into making this. Someone really knows what they are doing!
And my favorite actor, James Marsters was there as Piccolo. Would love to see this movie, excellent editing job.
Absolutely frakking amazing. *Goes off to watch it again and again and again.*
My jaw is on the floor. Freakin' AWESOME!
Wow, a GL movie would be awesome... if Kyle, John or Guy were in it! But our Captain is about the only person that could make me tolerate a whole movie about vanilla Hal Jordan.

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Kilowog. Abin Sur. The Guardian's. OMG. This was so freakin' awesome.

Thanks for the post Succatash.

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