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May 25 2009

Mutant Enemy crossword #2. The Puzzle Hub features a 2nd Mutant Enemy crossword.

Being from the third of May it is perhaps old news, but it dosnt seem to have been posted here before. Enjoy!

They also have a Buffy wordfind from the 15th.

When are they going to start making these crossword puzzles digital. It's a hassle for me to find a working printer. I just want to do it online. :(
Maybe cause the online versions have many bugs. The last Sudoku I downloaded for my cell phone only shows the screen, but I can't play it :(
I'm missing these:

Across: 11, 21, 22, 25, 38

Down: 9, 15, 18, 47, 57, 77, 81

Does anyone have these?

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Ooh, I missed this. korkster, here's some of the answers for yours:

I'm missing 12D, 13D, 15D, 25A, 78A, 79D, and 81A.
Thanks, jkalderash. Your answers also tell me that I have 13D wrong (I put Reiley) & 19D wrong (I put stake). Still don't know what they are.

The Billy's group thing totally makes sense now. I was thinking Billy Ford from Buffy &/or Billy-who-likes-to-watch-women-get-hurt from Angel. Silly me. :)

And Ms. Morgan is totally obvious now. I kept thinking a *real* person, not a character.

Thanks again! Hope this helps!
Thanks. I looked up the rest because I know I'll never get them :)

Actually I really should have gotten 79 and 81. Oh well.
Oh, and 19D is:

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