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May 25 2009

Alexis Denisof before he was Wesley. YouTube video of Alexis in George Harrison's "I Got My Mind Set On You".

A fun stroll down memory lane thanks to Mrs Denisof via twitter.

Ha! Deja Vu. But we didn't have YouTube back then.

Also lest we forget.
I remember when that video was in heavy rotation on MTV (they used to play music, kids; ask your parents). Never realized Alexis was in it, though.

I feel old.
I actually once found this on youtube and considered posting it. Really funny.
Oh man, this is fantastic! I can't wait to show people. Hee hee.
I was just talking about this video yesterday but I had no idea Alexis was in it. That is so awesome and I am such a fossil.
This vid just blows the Green Lantern trailer out of the park I'd say. ; )
And also, WARNING : lots of gratuitous hairspray usage. Ah, the joys of modern technology and YouTubage.

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Oh my goodness! I really miss our Alex on the silver screen, hope he returns soon.
Weird, for some reason, I seem to remember a completely different video for that song. Perhaps I'm confusing this with another George Harrison song.

But wow, that was a long time ago. Alexis must have been pretty young. And yeah, now I feel old too :).

Seth Green in a Nerf commercial.
Pretty wild!

1. Wasn't Weird Al's parody of that little number called "This Song Has Just Three Chords"?

2. I don't think I ever saw that version of Harrison's little toe-tapper. The one I remember is the Evil Dead II House version.
To answer myself (I don't know how to edit a previous comment):

No. But close.

Weird Al's version was This Song's Just Six Words Long.
flops - Yes, that is the version that I remember seeing. So I'm not losing my mind! :) Yeah, the version in the weird house is the one that they played on MTV back in the day. I don't think I ever saw the version with Alexis.
I posted one of these the other day in another comment thread on Seth Green, but what the heck: Arlo Guthrie's wife has a Youtube channel with 24 videos from Byrds of Paradise, most of which include Seth Green (and all of which include Arlo, for that is the purpose of the channel...). My personal favorites are the "band" clips -- Band Rehearsal, Band Meeting, Band Fight. The URL for that playlist is
Awwww! Since Alyson posted it on twitter, I've had this song stuck in my head..and now I come back home to find it posted here,'s never gonna go away!!

Alexis is amazing(ly funny with that hair)!!!
Just precious-LOL!
filops - Hadn't heard Weird Al's version before. Thanks for the link, that was hilarious!
Glad you enjoyed!

If I may indulge in one more diversion, I think Weird Al's "Fat" is just about the funniest parody music video ever created in all of recorded history.

And the Whedon tie-in is... er... that um....

Say, wasn't "Once More, With Feeling" great??


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How cute Alexis was. I kinda prefer the older version, but then I'm a lot older, too. And, yes, now the song's stuck in my head, too.
He's just totally adorable; I do remember the video, but never realized. And I am so very, very old.
Haha! Adorable.

Love Weird Al's version. His versions of Beat It and Smells Like Teen Spirit are pretty awesome too - 'Eat it' and 'Smells like Nirvana'.

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That video was a great way to start my day! Thanks for the Head's Up, RollingInKittens - Really enjoyed Alexis & George !
So... how does one edit a previous comment? I've searched, can't find. Or must one have super, Gossi-like powers?
Also lest we forget.

Forget? I never knew. OMG hot long-haired Alexis is hot!
No problems AncientMagicks. Alexis, George and Weird Al, I'd never thought I'd see those names together in the same thread, but here they are.

And filops - there should be an "[edit]" next to your name at the bottom of your post. If not, I'm sure editing powers can be bestowed upon thee by the almighty, yellowy and benevolent powers that be (the mods, if you ask nicely maybe, and also, an obligatory sacrifice of cookies and milk at the Altar of Editation maybe helpful).

[ edited by RollingInKittens on 2009-05-25 17:02 ]
Wow, I remember watching that video back in the day when MTV knew what their name stood for. Of course, I had no idea Alexis was in it because I didn't know him back then and I was much more interested in looking at the cute girl.

filops, on the left of your name under your post it should say [edit]. Simply click on that and edit away. No gossi-like powers required.
Hey, JossIzBoss, there were in fact two videos. I found the other one on accident here.

I would also like to just add that I also agree that Weird Al is totally the man.
Now that power has magically appeared. Thanks!
OMG ! this is great, and I love that song !
Haha, I love that car commercial, but I can never find it when I want to show people the HAIR.

I remember linking this Harrison video in Alexis' birthday thread or something. Love the song, love the video.
Thanks! That was wonderful.
Would have been a wonderful Bond.
Oh, how cute! He looks so young and undamaged, not at all like dark Wes. ;) But I do love dark Wes! I really want to see him in something new. Does anyone know anything about this new Milo movie?

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First things first - That. Is. Amazing. I love how absolutely vital it was to Alexis that he get that ballerina. "I know I can win the heart of the girl of my dreams if I could just get this damn plastic ballerina from this claw machine." And then, of course, he's right. Ahh, girls were so much simpler back then.

Secondly, I always remembered Weird Al's version being "This Song *is* Just Six Words Long," and when I watched the linked video, that's still how I heard it. This always annoyed me, because that makes it clearly seven words long, which is the same amount of words as the title, "I Got My Mind Set on You," which is what he's making fun of, and would it have been so difficult to change the title to "This Song is Just Seven Words Long?" Seriously, little XanMan, growing up, these are the thoughts that consumed his day.

And third thing, which actually blends the first two things - Who thinks Weird Al should finally make an actual video of his song, using all Whedonverse folk? I'm thinking Alexis again, as the same character, now having grown into our crazy Wesley, Aly as The Girl, and Summer, of course, as the ballerina. What say you?
Oh. My. God. Awesome! I didn't think he was that old. Unlike everyone else in this thread, I feel awkwardly young.
MTV actually played music before? wow. Yea, same here feeling akwardly young, having never heard of this song or George Harrison.

But that video is awesome, he was super cute when he was younger. Not that he's ugly now or anything.
RheatVS -- George Harrison was in The Beatles.
Yes, Whedonverse - Beatles connection ftw!
And...seriously, who doesn't know who George Harrison is [/Beatles snobbery]
LOL re RheatVS and Ifwewait. Youngsters!
I'm still chuckling about people not knowing who George Harrison is. I guess some of us, or at least me, are just going to have to accept the fact that we are now old. A few months ago a young British girl I know who'd been here in Paris au pairing was getting ready to move back to London and told me that her leaving party was going to have a Last Tango in Paris theme. I raised an eyebrow and said, "Really? Who's bringing the butter?" She looked at me totally blankly and said "What the hell are you talking about?" When I said "Oh, haven't you seen the film?" she replied, "What film?"

Talk about a generation gap.

*shakes fist while clinging on to Zimmer frame*

You kids today don't even know you're born!
angry_puppy: IMDb has some news about the film "Milo". Look on the IMDb Boards - Alexis Denisof.
That was from 1987! 22 years and Alexis still looks good!
I am 23 years old and I've known who George Harrison is about that long, at least in a John, Paul, George, and Ringo context. ;) I also knew that Alexis was in this video-- but that I've known for maaaaybe a year. Still I was surprised to see it on the front page of Whedonesque. But I have given a thought to what Alexis thinks about it now, so it's cool to see Aly posting it.

I also remember My Stepmother is an Alien (it aired all the time on the Disney Channel) AND when MTV (and VH1 for that matter) played music videos for the majority of their programming.

Oh crap. Am I getting old?! Is that what this means???
"Why, when I was your age [you young 'uns], I saw George Harrison in concert." That'd be about 1973-4, when he was touring with Ringo Starr and Ravi Shankar. He was, by far, the cutest Beatle.

I hope I have now made everyone except me feel younger.

Aside from the Beatles, he also was in the Traveling Wilburys and he financed (and appeared in) Monty Python Life of Brian (as well as other Python projects). There's a great tribute DVD, "Concert for George," much of which appears findable on Youtube.

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I saw The Beatles the first night they were on Ed Sullivan.

Okay, I'm stopping now...
Such a sweet video - I knew it had been linked here before!
I was so amazed when Aly posted this link, but now that I've read the Whedonesque comments and watched the Seth Green Nerf commercial I'm even more weirded out because the other kid in said Nerf commercial is none other than Corey Sevier from the 90s Lassie tv series.
I am telling you, go watch the Byrds of Paradise videos. It isn't just Seth Green and Arlo; you also get Jennifer Love Hewitt singing funk.
I miss George Harrison... :'(
I loved this song as a kid and I still love it. One more reason to like it, Alexis in the music video (which I didn't know existed).

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