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May 25 2009

Why you should watch Chuck & Dollhouse next season. The Cinema Post on why watching these two shows next season is a great opportunity to give networks a new outlook on bubble shows.

A very good point. Getting a show renewed is one thing. If it then gets cancelled a few episodes into the next season because the viewers aren't there it will all have been for nothing.

Problem is, over enthusiastic pestering people will put them off more than persuade them. A simple "Give it a chance, it's quite good" is better than "OMG! You MUST watch this! It's the best thing ever made!!1!!!"
I started watching Chuck yesterday, finally. So I'll be there next season, unless the series goes to hell in the next 29 episodes.
The article raises a very strong point lt would be a waste not 2 watch these shows esp since all the fans put their time and energy into getting these shows renewed
I don't think anyone has some sort of moral obligation to watch these shows just because they have vocal fanbases who wanted them renewed.

The article is simply arguing from a standpoint of self-interest: Maybe the way to save the next bubble show you are interested in is to help support some current bubble shows you aren't interested in, and try to help change the dynamic.
As I see it, the article has multiple points:

1. NBC and FOX made a gamble on "Chuck" and "Dollhouse". If these gambles should prove to be successful, there might be other bubble shows that profit from these two experiences in the future. Which makes it worth to actually watch both shows.

2. If you want to save a show, it's not enough to write to networks. What they care the most about is advertisers, so try to aim your save the show-campaign towards advertisers, because if you have them on your side, your campaign becomes even more useful for networks. That's why the CHUCK campaign was praised in the article.

3. You should watch Dollhouse also because it has intriguing philosophical themes.

4. Chuck's quirky humor = one of the reasons to watch.

I'd say it goes quite the other way. It pretty damn entertaining from the get-go, funny and exciting; but it's about halfway through season 2 that the show really soars and goes from good to friggin' great. Benefits hugely from raising the stakes and adding more weight to the generally light tone of the series. And the finale? Well, I won't spoil it. But it's actually pretty much number 2 on my personal most anticipated shows next season. (No prizes for guessing number 1).

Also, this is the first television season in forever where basically every show I like got renewed. Pushing Daisies was the one, very unfortunate, casualty. (Not counting BSG, because it actually ended, brilliantly, as opposed to being killed off.) All in all, pretty damned nice.

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