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May 26 2009

The Guardian's Cable girl writes about Dollhouse. Buffy fan Lucy Mangan tells us she is keeping the (lower case) faith.

I never thought of Faith as a weak link, especially once she was on Angel.
Nor did I. In fact I never even heard people complain about Eliza's acting until Dollhouse, Faith seemed like a very well loved character. Then again I think Eliza has done a good job in Dollhouse so of course I'm not going to think that :)
It's nice to see some praise for SMG. Ironically it is often her that is criticised for her performances post-Buffy, but it's good the reviewer recognises how amazing she was as Buffy.
I've had no complaints about Dushku's acting in Dollhouse. Early on, I had some complaints about Echo, the character (or tabula rasa thereof) but certainly never with what Duskhu has done with the material. And once the series kicked into gear, I think it showed everybody's acting off to good effect.

Mind you, I still think the acting highlights have been among the supporting cast (esp Acker, Tudyk, Lennix, Gjokaj, and the crushingly adorable Miracle Laurie) but Dushku's been no slouch.
I don't have any problems with Eliza's acting, though I can see how easy it would be to see Faith if one were looking for her. Even if I did, though, it wouldn't ruin the show for me, as I tend to focus on things I like, rather than on those I don't.

Actually, I took much larger issue with Sarah on Buffy; intentional or no, the teenage girl she portrayed annoyed me just as much as most of the actual teenage girls I met in my adolescence. I'm sure it was realistic, the supporting cast more than made up for it, and there were hero moments enough for Buffy herself that I could still enjoy her character, but Dear Sky Bully I hope I never hear another "M'kay?"
I still don't get the criticism of Eliza's acting. If it wasn't for Faith on Angel, I would never have tried Buffy again... And, I didn't see Faith on Tru Calling. Actually, I got a little annoyed (at first) that Tru wasn't Faith-ish. Then I got used to Eliza being another character... Then I had to get used to Missy in Bring It On [I still hate the name 'Missy'].

With Dollhouse? It is a little difficult trying to accept Eliza as several different characters within the one episode. If they eased up on that, I'd be happy. But same thing goes for all the dolls. ;)
I'm just not that into her. But I do like the show after its all-too-rocky start.
Eliza did a fantastic job on Buffy. It's because she did such a great job and made such an impression in only twenty odd episodes that many people are still, six years after the last episode, seeing Faith when they watch Dollhouse.
One thing about Eliza Dushku is that her voice is so distinctive and easily recognizable. No matter how good her acting, her voice is always there and can draw you out of her character if you let it.

And it is Faith's voice, five by five.
I just watched "Who Are You" last night for the first time since Dollhouse started, and I picked up on all the subtle hints where Eliza played on Buffy's mannerisms and speech patterns, especially in the exchange with Giles at his apartment.

I think she's always been able to shift the character she portrays, it's just that her voice is so very Faith, as MissKittysMom pointed out. That's what I've liked about the variations on Dollhouse. Eliza's done things with her inflection and tone that are different when portraying Rebecca Mynor and Margaret Bashford.
I really don't get the Eliza-acting hate that's been popping up everywhere. Is she the most gifted actor on Dollhouse? No. I'd have to give that to Enver after Dominic!Victor. But I've never really had a problem believing the character she's playing. She's not going to win an emmy, but she's doing a fine job and I'd wish people would lay off her for a bit.
Madness. Utter madness. I loved Faith, and I think that Eliza does a damn good job on Dollhouse. Not the best actor out of all of them, but damn good.

I think that these critics are just crazy, and have no sense of taste.
Apart from her critique of Eliza's acting, I thought she summed up the premise of the show really well, using the minimum of words. Just me?
Well tbh I never really did 'get' all the Faith-love (probably because I'm a simple soul who always loved Buffy) but seems to me like this lady's being a bit harsh. I'll reserve judgement until I actually get to see the show.
This whole trend of people bashing Eliza's acting is getting way out of hand now. I don't see where it comes from, honestly I'd never really seen any criticism of her acting before Dollhouse. Especially as Faith, who I had always seen as an almost universally loved character in the Buffyverse, to the point that I remember a lot of people even preferring her to Buffy herself, so to see someone now go as far as to say that she was the weakest link in the show is absurd and smacks of revisionism.

Is she a Meryl Streep caliber actress? No, but then who is? To me, she's always been a competent actress whose biggest asset is her incredible amount of charisma and presence onscreen. I just don't get all the hate.
I for one like Faith more than Buffy herself. Buffy is awesome, but she can get a bit... sanctimonious. Also, her no killing policy bugs me (especially with Warrren... she had no problem gutting Faith to save Angel, but she's apparently above a perfectly justified vigilante killing).

Although to be honest, part of it may be because I think Eliza's purtier. :)

But its probably because Faith is the kind of character I prefer... pragmatic to idealistic, willing to kill if necessary, or heck, occasionally the villain. That is one of the reasons that I like Giles and the other folks, like Spike (in Angel, especially) Wesley, and eventually Angel, who are willing to get their hands dirty. Gray is how I like my morals, the darker the better. Probably why Firefly remains my favorite Whedon work (no problems with killing amongst most of those folk, including the resident superpowered girl), and I like Dollhouse so much.
The most annoying complaints where when the pilot aired and people were saying “She’s just playing Faith!” when they were watching Eleanor Penn on their screens. I mean honestly, how on earth did they get Faith out of *that* character. Did Faith speak very eloquently, was Faith’s posture even remotely uptight, was Faith very low key? There was no Faith in there, not even a little, they just wanted to believe there was. That character and Eliza’s portrayal of her was probably the most opposite you could possibly get to Faith in every way.

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