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May 26 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angel comics for August. Lots of goodies here including the Illyria/Gunn spinoff, Juliet Landau's debut and the Illyria in Bete Noir crossover.

Can't wait to see Dru back!!

Btw, wasn't Angel:Aftermath #21 out recently? Shouldn't there be a discussion post?
Can't wait for the Illyria/Gunn spinoff and the "Druzilla" one
I can't reiterate enough, not sure who writes those solicitations, but it is spelled correctly in the comic.
"Only Human" sounds promising, I always wanted to see more of Illyria and Gunn together.

The Drusilla story I am beyond excited for, obviously. Love the character.
Awww, Brian, you dashed my hopes for a Drusilla/Godzilla hybrid menace!!

Can't you see it now? Half vampire, half giant lizard? It's very comic book-y!
That's pretty funny, isn't that what Harmony calls her in season4 to get Spike angry?
So happy that ONLY HUMAN is starting right after #23.
So, Brian, is there any possibility that the Angel:After the Fall and Aftermath compilations will be coming out in a soft cover?
CarpeNoctem, check out the link. Angel: AFter the Fall Vol. 1 softcover TPB comes out in August. :)
*hits head on desk* sometimes I don't scroll down or read everything. Thank you, Wyndam.
Vergil; technically it's "Droodzilla." *has seen "Crush" waaaaaaaay too many times*
Ooh... this can get so confusing. Only Human isn't part of the ongoing? Why not? Ongoing and all these mini's everyone. One can't keep up!

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