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May 26 2009

Top fall time-slot battles: 'Dollhouse' vs. 'Medium'. James Hibberd looks at the new schedules, the Friday 9pm lineup in the fall and Dollhouse's competition.

I'm glad I don't live in the US to have to worry about these things. I think Medium will win the slot. I adore Medium hugely as well, so I want it to prove itself on CBS as well. It will be tough for Dollhouse in this slot and with such competition.
I don't live in the US but I still worried about Dollhouse's ratings this season, because I wanted it to get a second season.
Interesting read from USA Today:

Scripted shows to change look of Friday night

Maybe Friday nights are the cool place to be these days.
I actually think Dollhouse could perform quite well on Fridays. It'd be helpful to know what's going on with the cable timeslots, though!
I think the biggest cable competition might be Monk, which is on Fridays at 9, I think. "Ghost" and "The Target" went against the last two episodes of the 7th Monk season, maybe some episodes of season 8 will also be around when Dollhouse Season 2 starts.
I really hate the way networks think. I like Dollhouse, Medium and Ugly Betty; I would watch any of these if they were up against a reality show. But, no. They decide they have to compete for the same limited set of viewers who want to watch all 3 shows and make us choose. Then they put on 3 reality shows against each other, guaranteeing I won't be watching anything in that time slot.

I will watch Dollhouse, of course, just as I watched Dollhouse this year even though I like both Flashpoint and Friday Night Lights. I just wish the PtB might open their minds to the possibility that these shows might, overall, do better if they were *not* competing for the same viewers. Or if the networks were more like Cable, which repeats the same shows several times a week, at predictable and scheduled times; I love Monk, too, but I also know USA will repeat it at midnight on Friday.
Well personally I had loved Medium and Ugly Betty back in their first seasons, but I had already gotten to the 'meh' stage on both of them this last season, so it will not be any sacrifice to me to give them both up. And I would say that Medium will do more damage to Ghost Whisperer (is CBS keeping that on Fridays?) than to Dollhouse. I'm guessing that Dollhouse will own the youthful male demographic on Friday nights.
Medium is one of my favorite shows. But I never watch it in real time as I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep afterwards. So I DVR it. I wil of course watch Dollhouse in real time. And Ugly Betty is one of those wierd shows that I just love seeing but if I miss it I don't get upset. So it will probably fall by the wayside. Sorry Betty.
And I would say that Medium will do more damage to Ghost Whisperer (is CBS keeping that on Fridays?) than to Dollhouse.

Medium will be on CBS after Ghost Whisperer, i.e. they are helping each other.
OMG wiesengrund, I had had no idea that NBC let Medium go and that CBS had picked it up! Wow, that is a surprise, and (to my mind) one more reason to stop watching it. I was assuming the show would lose creator Glenn Gordon Caron, but I was wrong about that.... But regardless, I have felt that the show ran out of plots a year ago and I had gotten kind of put off by the increasing violence of the show. Basically I was already not watching Medium as much anyway.

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What is the CW thinking of putting Smallville on fridays
Why is that a reason to stop watching? That doesn't really make sense to me.
This is news of the not good variety.
zee - I'm not sure what the CW are thinking. I'll have to watch Smallville and TiVo Dollhouse (or maybe the other way around). But I do have to say Vampire Dairies seems like a better fit for Supernatural then Smallville was.

Friday's do seem busy now but my first show is Dollhouse.
Smallville and Dollhouse are not competing, are they?
Nope, Smallville will be competing with Ghost Whisperer on CBS, and comedy line from Fox.
I think The CW were thinking that them, and The WB have treated it (Smallville) fairly over the past 9 years and its core fanbase will still stick around for its ninth season no matter where it was. Vampire Diaries, as bad as it sounds, needs help because its a new show and they are probably hoping they can bank on some of the Twilight cash.

I just wish there was another weekday, or something - Use 10PM's. ;p
I'll be watching Medium here. I hope and want Dollhouse to get better. But I feel I should watch which show was better last season.
I find it humorous (in a depressing way) that the articale lists the main people who watch TV on Friday as 'kids seniors and sci-fi fans'. Cause, ya know, we have nothing else to do.

Oh, and I couldn't care less about any other show on Friday, none interest me, and there is no show on television that is nearly as good as Dollhouse right now.
I can easily catch up with Fox Shows on Hulu, but CBS' shows aren't so easy for me to find online. I'm usually out and about Friday nights, s I expect to DVR Medium and stream Dollhouse soon after.
Oooo, I like this schedule! I can't find a single hour where I want to watch 3 network shows in the same time slot. Since I have to record everything (working swings) and only have 2 VCRs, I would've been a bit upset at another Pushing Daisies/Bones/ANTM-type debacle.
I thought With the news that Dollhouse got a second Season,
And word of Mouth that it had become a much better show.
That maybe it had a chance of picking up more viewers on Friday nights.. If it was going against the usual "Reality Crap"
But now with News of it oppisite "Medium" (Which CBS will more than likely promote the Hell out of it More than Fox will Dollhouse) And the notion that SCI Fi or SY FY or what ever there calling it this week. Might put a scipted show against it.
The new "StarGate" Spin off. The New BSG spinoff "Caprica" or "Sanctuary" The limited LIVE audience home on Friday nights watching "Genre" shows will have allot of choices. And Dollhouse may not gain enough viewers to hang around for a Third Season.

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