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May 26 2009

Trailer for Dollhouse on Australia's FOX8. Dollhouse premieres there on June 9, exclusively on that cable/satellite channel.

That is simply FABULOUS.
Wow, that was really, really good.
Now this is how Dollhouse should be promoted. Oh god, if it ever gets on german screens I fear the TV promos ... that the translation/dubbing wil suck is a given ...
Much, much better than the US promos.

Also, I find it amusing that it's following Top Model. It's a whole block of shows about beautiful, infantile young people with no personalities who live together in a well-furnished house, occasionally dressing up in odd outfits in an effort to fulfill other people's fantasies (j/k, I love Top Model).
That was a vast improvement on the US trailers. Goo job promo! *claps* Now keep this up, okay?
bonzob - Wait, what about your comment was a criticism of Top Model?
I dunno, that they don't have personalities and/or are infantile? (it's really only about half the girls on the show that fit those descriptors).

But also, ha.
That is a really good promo! Pity that only 27% of Australian homes subscribe to pay-TV (and not all of them would get Fox8) so few Australians will ever get to see this.
Oooh, awesome promo. :D

And I love the but can you wipe away a soul? bit. XD
Can we just cheat as use this promo for season 2 in the States? If I had never heard of Joss, this would have made me interested in the show. Awesome trailer!
Great trailer.

I wish Dollhouse were on Tuesday nights here in the States.
JenskiJen - Fox8 is a basic channel, and one of the highest rating - everyone that has pay-TV has access to it.
I'm simply blown away by every aspect of this trailer. The use of the show's font, the song sounding very clean and technological, and the fact that all the clips are from the first few episodes [avoiding any major spoilers]... not to mention the use of the mannequin from the promotional photos. Kudos.

Seeing something "new" for Dollhouse is a breath of fresh air in the midst of all this Buffy movie muck.
Ooh, that is good.

I don't have cable, so I can't watch it again until it comes to free-to-air (if it ever does). But, at least now that it is showing on one Australian network, it shouldn't be too long until the DVD comes out. Dexter first aired on cable, came out on DVD, and then showed up on FTA. I hope the same happens here.
Fox8 also shows The Sarah Connor Chronicles (notably titled without Terminator), Chuck, Leverage, Supernatural, Family Guy and Bones, so hopefully it'll be well placed get some love from existing Whedonverse audiences, and some good promotion across the other channels.

Also, Dollhouse is now on the Fox8 wikipedia entry under Premiere Programming.
I love the ad too but I can't believe they forgot to mention Australian Dichen in the promo.

Doing screencaps right now love how promos are done in HD for YouTube
From what I understand (and my info may be incomplete or faulty) Dollhouse will run on free tv after its stint on pay tv in Australia. DVD will be released after that. Could change tomorrow or I could be misinformed, but that is what I heard.
Fox8 and Foxtel have a deal with free-to-air Network Ten, so if TamaraC is correct, it will most likely air on Ten once the Pay-TV cycle is done. Yay!!

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